Midterm Project: Metropolitan Museum

These were the artworks that captured my attention in the exhibit of Configuring Philippine Print:

This is entitled “Two Women” by Celeste Gordon. I think this artwork shows us what a person really is on the inside. The woman facing the left side shows that she is smiling and happy. But the woman on the right is just looking down and does not convey any emotions (this is what she really is on the inside).

This artwork is entitled “The Watcher” by Norman Montifar. For me, this shows how the Kamatayan ( Grim Reaper) take the souls of the dead. It also shows how Filipinos believe in Kamatayan.

This is “Strangers” by Josefina Escudero. The print shows two kinds of aquatic animals: a seahorse and a fish. These animals were totally different in terms of their type/race, but they are living in the same world. I think what the artist is conveying is that all of us are unique in our own and despite our differences we can still be living together in the same environment/world.

This is entitled “Ang Matanda sa Bintana” by Jess Flores. This artwork gives you a certain emotion: sadness. The lola looks really sad and looks like she’s longing for her children or her husband. Also, this shows how lonesome it is when you’re getting older.

“I think the purpose of the exhibit is to let us be familiarize about our culture and history by means of art. This exhibit is really informative and can help our modern Filipinos to be knowledgeable about culture and history. Also, to know more about Philippine artists and artworks.”

And these were the ones in the exhibit of The Philippine Contemporary: To Scale the Past and Present (I can’t sneak a picture of the actual artwork):

Bar Girls by Caesar Legaspi

I think this painting depicts what “GROs” are doing when they work. They are sitting there, smoking, and maybe they are waiting for their next customer to accompany by.

Pasyonista I by Alfredo Esquillo Jr.

This painting shows a boy or a man with a mitre holding the torso of Christ that has slot with the word “donasyon” under it. I think this shows the boy’s desire to take on a sacred role because of the money that bishops or priests were accepting through donations.

Mandirigma ng Tadhana by Manix Abrera

This artwork is beautifully detailed and is very colorful that’s why it really captured my attention. It shows a man in the middle of a forest surrounded by unknown plants. I think the man is “us” and we are on an adventure full of danger.

Birthday Psalm by Julie Lluch

In the Bible, Psalm is a sacred song or music. I think this artwork simply means “Birthday Song”.

Tess, Alam Mo Ba Ang Ginawa Mo? by Leonilo Doloricon

I think this painting shows the innocence of the girl that gave her body to a person and resulted to the baby and I think the question implies to this situation: Tess, Alam Mo Ba Ang Ginawa Mo?

“Met Museum is really different from the National Museum because of its contents. In Met, the artworks were modern and out-of-the-box while in the National Museum it’s more on the traditional style.

Visiting Met Museum was really fun and interesting but we can’t take pictures. That was very disappointing because there were so many artworks that are really interesting and unique. And most of the visitors were students and tourists.”

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