IA#4 Museum Visit 1

When I was young whenever our field trip was going to National Museum I don’t really get excited that much. Before it was hard for me to understand the meaning of the paintings, statues or carvings that is why I don’t enjoy visiting the National Museum. Now that I’m a bit older going to the National Museum makes me feel a bit excited. I’m excited because now I know I can look into the deeper meaning of the artworks displayed on our museum and their significance to our society. The 10 artworks that caught my attention were the following:

  1. Jacob Wrestling the Angel by Vidal A. Tampinco
Made from wood

Jacob wrestling the angel is a famous story from the bible and it is actually about Jacob wrestling with God. When we want to do something but God tells us to do the other. When things are not good in our lives and we experience hardships. When we can’t wait for the things we’ll receive from God and we start doubting him. These are example of the times where we usually wrestle with God. I think this artwork is reminding us to trust in God and let him work in our lives. For me this artwork is trying to tell us that at the end God will still bless us like how He blessed Jacob even if he has done bad things before.

2. Pamilya by Vicente Silva Manansala

Oil in canvas mounted on wood

With this artwork I was actually reminded of the commercial of “Lucky Me” about the importance of eating together as a family. Eating together as a family is very important especially to children as they grow. As a family you should have a bonding time that will strengthen your relationship with each other. I believe this artwork is reminding everyone especially parents to make time for their children and listen to their stories. Eating together as a family is one of the strongest Filipino tradition that we have as it shows to us the value of a family and the ties that binds them as one.

3. Girl Reading a Book by Vidal A. Tampico

Polychrome concrete

If you will take a careful look at the sculpture you will see that the girl is smiling. She might be smiling because of something she must have read from the book. The simple pleasure of reading brings joy in the heart of the little girl. This shows us that we don’t need a lot of extravagant things to make us happy simple things like a good book is enough to make us smile.

4. City Scene (Quiapo Procession) by Emilio Aguilar Cruz

Oil on canvas

Faith is a strong hold of the Filipino people this painting that depicts the Quiapo procession is a witness to the faithfulness of the Filipinos. Despite of the difficulties of having to squeeze yourselves in the procession, standing in the heat of the sun for long and enduring the long walks the faithfuls remain true to their “panata”. As a symbol of their love and faithfulness to God.

5. An old woman with a mortar by Diosdado M. Lorenzo

Oil on board

Personally this painting reminds me of my great grandmother. There was something on the painting that reminds me of my great grandmother’s love. The lines in her face shows the years of wisdom and knowledge to which she has imparted to us, her great grandchildren as we grow. The mortar for me symbolizes the pain or hardships she has gone through in her life and how she overcame them through hardwork, discipline and prayers.

6. Holy Family by Federico D. Estrada

Narra wood

The foundation of every nation is a strong family. But what makes a family strong is when their foundation is firmly planted in the love of God. A family praying together is a family being blessed together to serve its purpose as a member of a community building a stronger nation. This artworks also sends a message to all of us that it is important to pray together as a family so that you can also grow together in the presence of God.

7. Barrio Scene by Diosado M. Lorenzo

Oil on board

Simplicity at its finest. This painting is like encouraging us to take a break from a stressful city life. Living your life in a barrio like this is like reconnecting with nature. It is a place where you could live your life with no worries and you are simply happy having a simple life.

8. La Enferma by Felix Resurreccion Hidalgo

Oil on canvas

Most of the time we could see a picture of mother taking good care of her children. This painting caught my attention because it is the girl who is taking care of her mom. It simply shows that as their children we should also know how to take good care of them like how they took good care of us when we are young. The time will come wherein roles will be exchange from parents taking their children, the children out of love will be taking care of their parents. We should take the opportunity to take care and serve them while they are still with us because we don’t have that time forever.

9. Paintbrush on Green Rectangle by Rock Drilon

Acrylic and mixed media art on canvas

For me the canvas is my life, the green rectangle is a symbol for me of De La Salle and the paint brush is how I would paint my life. This is because as a student of De La Salle it is up to me to use whatever knowledge that I would be gaining through the Lasallian Education and how I will paint a brighter future for myself.

10. A Filipina Maiden by Nene Saguil

Oil on canvas

In today’s modern world the standard of beauty is based on physical appearance and popularity. The younger generation has forgotten that the true measure of beauty is not on the outward look of a person. The painting reminds me that even without the need of nip and tuck and heavy make ups you can still see the true beauty of a Filipina to the way she smiles and the elegance of how she carries herself.

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