IA3 Up Close and Personal

Artist have their own way of telling their feelings, thoughts or opinion and their way always catches the attention of their viewers. What amazes me is how they are able to make people stop for a while and make them realize all the happenings around them. To be able to interview and know some professional artist and learn many things from their lives is an unforgettable experience for me. The artists that caught my attention were Jilson Tiu-photographer, Evan Aguiling- sculptor and designer, and Abe Orobia-painter and teacher.

The three artists that I have mentioned have contributed to the Philippine Society in their own different ways. Jilson Tiu being a photographer of Philippine Daily Inquirer I think his contribution to the society is his pictures. His pictures makes the Filipino people be aware of the issues our country is facing right now. He is able to capture the reality and truth about our country. The things we must know as a citizen of our country issues about, government, hunger, poverty and etc. For Evan Aguiling and Abe Orobia I think their contribution is teaching other people. Abe Orobia is a teacher at De La Salle College of Saint Benilde while Evan Aguiling conducts workshops at Makati. Using their passion in art they are able to educate other people. They are able to teach other people using the experience they have gained from creating their artworks. They impart knowledge to their students but at the same time they also serves as inspiration to their students.

These artists have really good hands and imagination that works well together. I admire how they use their talents which is to show awareness or to educate other people. One of the qualities that I admire from them is they never use their talents to put someone down or to destroy a reputation of other people. They use their talents in a good way and they don’t create something bad with it. Next quality that I like from them is how they accept criticism from other people. Sometimes you will really feel bad receiving a negative comment and there are times that it might take away your confidence. Sometimes being an artist you are prone in receiving comments about your works but these artist have control whenever they receive criticism. Yes, there are times that they accept criticism because it will improve their work. The are criticism that is really intended to make you do better the next time but there are also criticism from other people to just insult you. These artist know how to take criticism properly they just don’t take everything in but there are times when they just ignore it because it is not true. Another quality that I admire from them is making their passion their work. Since creating art is what makes them happy it does not matter if they earn big or not as long as they enjoy their work and they are not forced to do it. Since they are happy with what they are doing they are able to excel and become successful in their chosen field. I remember the story of Jilson Tiu that was mentioned during the reporting that he fell while taking a picture but he was still able to capture the scene and even if it hurted him he still continued being a photographer. I think that it is really important that you are happy with what you are doing because you will be doing it for a long time and you need something to inspire you to continue it for a long period of time.

From these artist I have learned to use the knowledge and the skills I have properly. Whatever I learn from my school and experience I must not use it to harm other people. Since I will be working in the hospitality world someday I must use whatever knowledge I have to serve other people and not to hurt them. Next is accepting criticism properly, you will not be able to please other people every time and they will say things to you that might put you down. You don’t need to listen to every criticism you will hear because sometimes it is not to improve you but only to make you feel worse. There will be times that what other people are saying is true and you have to accept it even if it hurts because it will help you do better the next time. Now you just really need to be careful of the things you will listen to and just listen to people whom you know will really help you. Lastly, do what makes you happy and don’t let anyone dictate the things you should do. Listen to your heart and do the thing you know you would enjoy. Before I chose this course there are many people who keeps on telling me that I should have chosen this course or chosen that course but I know this course is what I really want. I chose something I know I would like to do for a long period of time and it does not matter if I earn big or not as long as this is what I want. If serving other people and traveling around is what I enjoy then I know that someday I can also be successful in my chosen field.

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