Manila Art 2016- Extra Credit

It is my first time to visit Manila Art Exhibit and I was expecting to be like the National Museum but I was wrong. When I entered the activity area I was surprised because it was very different from the National Museum. The atmosphere is different it is not quiet as I have expected it to be like in National Museum. The artworks are more modern and there are variety of artworks. The artworks displayed are very different from one another there are artworks that is very creepy, some are elegant and serene artworks, there are artworks that are very colorful and vibrant. There might be slight similarities but you’ll get to notice more of their differences than their similarities.

These are the artworks that caught my attention

  1. The artworks from Galerie Franchesca

The artworks from this gallery is very cute it made me feel like I’m in a children’s place. I really like the drawings on the wall because it was like it was made by a kid who just drew something in the wall. I think the paintings and the drawings are the perfect combination.

2. The Guitar Girl by Dante S. Silverio

I like this painting because I can see myself in this painting. I love music and I love playing different musical instruments. For me playing musical instruments is very relaxing especially playing the piano. Whenever I’m stressed I feel like I should play a musical instrument just for me to relax. There is something in playing musical instruments that just makes me forget all my worries even for a moment.

3. Mad tea house party

I really find this gallery creepy I did not even stayed there for too long. At far distance I thought it was cute because it was pink but when I got near I was wrong.

4. Family by Roger San Miguel

This painting is very nice and it reminds me the value of a family.

5. -

I was not able to see the title of the place or artwork but it is very beautiful. It is majestic and you can see it before entering the exihibit. I feel like I’m in a magical place and it is very amazing. This is also where you can find the ostrich eggs and its like they have carved an image in them. You will really wonder how they did that to the eggs.

6. Happy Hour by David Gerstein

You can see in this artwork two people riding their bikes and it seems like the butterflies are following them. It seems like they are really enjoying what they are doing and you can just feel their joy. What I like about this artwork is the colors they are very attractive and vibrant. Actually all the artworks from this gallery is very colorful.

7. And With Every Step I Praise God by Daniel Dela Cruz

This artwork is mix metal assembly and it is really cool. If you will see it personally you’ll be amaze with the details of the artwork. I like this artwork because it tells us that with everything we do we should praise God. It simply reminds us that whatever we do, we must give glory to God. And as we give our praises to God, He will guide us with whatever we do. He will direct our steps so that we will not get lost on our journey.

8. Tree by the River by Adler Llagas

When I saw this artwork it made me calm. I don’t what is in this painting that is so peaceful and relaxing. It makes me me feel like I’m in a very peaceful place where I could just watch the clouds pass by. I love nature and that is why I really like this painting. I wish that there are still places like in the painting where you can just take a break from all the stress in the city life.

Other artworks from the exhibit

I really enjoyed the Manila Art 2016 and I’m looking forward for the next Manila Art.