A Startup Family— Sprint Accelerator powered by Techstars notes

There’s only 28 days left until Demo Day and we’re in the home stretch!!!!

They say that Techstars is a family. It sounds cliche when you hear that from an outside perspective, but over the course of the past couple of months, all the teams have gotten close and have bonded.

Inside the accelerator, we have startup-dad with John and startup-mom with Alisha. They’re here to help us, and they’re looking out for their ten startup-children.

For me personally, Team Rex is probably startup-middle child. We have our startup-big brothers/sisters in HealthID, Alcohoot, Social Code, and iDoc24. We have our fellow startup-middle children in Ovatemp, Jolt, and Triomi. Then there’s our startup-little brothers/sisters in Hidrate and Oxie. I know that I can go to anyone on those teams and ask for advice, discuss/bitch about issues, or just hang out and there will be no judgement. They know me and I know them.

As excited as I am for Demo Day and ‘graduating’ from the program, I’m sad as well. We’ve spent hundreds of hours together at this point, and it’ll be sad when we all go our separate ways to work hard, kick ass, and pursue our dreams. I know academically that we will still probably reach out, continue our stream of inside jokes on GroupMe and probably end up calling each other at 140 AM if anyone finds a baby animal (Nadya, I’m looking at you), but by then, we’ll all be in different parts of the globe.

I’ve probably spent too much time writing this post. I’m gonna go hang out with them instead. There’s only 28 days left after all.

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