Did you know that website visitors decide whether they like it in about 50 milliseconds? You don’t have much time to make a good impression.

Visual first impressions -can make the difference between losing prospects forever, or turning them into lifetime customers.

But how do you quantify aesthetic preferences?

This year at Unbounce, we wanted to find out. We did a brand audit. We’re a data-driven company, so we decided to run exercises with external users to prove the value of a visual refresh for our audience.

Our results? Completely eye-opening. Based on the feedback we received, we got the…

Running a marathon is a long-term challenge that needs a sense of purpose, a significant commitment and a lot of hard work.

In the International Team at Unbounce we thought it would be interesting to turn this physical challenge into a knowledge-based one and create a campaign to increase the number of Brazilian agencies in our database.

What would it take to make our audience feel committed to becoming “marketing athletes?” And how could we encourage them to engage and participate throughout our entire digital campaign?

Designers embedded in Marketing teams can sometimes find themselves in awkward positions where they…

As marketers, you’re continually looking for new ways to get the attention of your target audience with specialized content they’ll find useful. But — as most of us have realized — these days you can’t slap together an ordinary old webinar to get the results you’d expect or stand out (after all, everyone is running them).

So how do you shake up the status quo to run an innovative online event exceptionally well? (and get outstanding results?)

At Unbounce we’ve found some success translating the uniqueness of our in-person live events (like CTA Conf) into extraordinary online events. Similar to…

How we tripled our marketing campaign’s target by taking a user-centered approach.

Many campaigns are launched based on assumptions.

Even if it’s hard for you to accept it, you’ve probably been involved in some of them. So, if we know that the starting point of any design is our user’s needs, why not applying this concept into a marketing campaign strategy?

In the Unbounce’s International Marketing Team we decided to take a user-centric approach. The result? We tripled our campaign’s goal.

How Everything Started

Pablo Penadés, our Spanish Content & Community Manager, came up with an idea for ​​a new project: “Unbounce Friends”…

From busy trade show floors to professionally-lit celebrity panels, it seems every marketing brand wants a South by Southwest-style event all their own these days.

But, with so many conferences for your target market to choose from, it’s risky running a large-scale event as a mid-sized brand. It’s the ultimate faux pas to host a forgettable, generic conference, so how can you stand out from the rest and leave attendees smitten?

At Unbounce, we’ve learned that a good conference is a designed experience: your attendees need to feel the effort that went into the event with every single detail. With…

Ainara Sainz

Product Designer at Dapper Labs. More at ainarasainz.com/work/

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