Using Elixir, GenStage and an ADS-B receiver it is time to start collecting aircrafts and forget about Pokemons!

The following is my take on using Elixir and GenStage for collecting and processing data. For further details refer to the original publication of this post:

First some background:


Automatic dependent surveillance — broadcast (ADS–B) is a technology that allows aircrafts to constantly broadcast some information so other individuals can listen and act upon it.


Simple Mode S decoder for RTLSDR devices. In our case we use the fork from FlightAware, this fork gives us a nice JSON output. Due to the…

Most probably you have created some pet projects to help you learn new skills or try new technologies… Why not give them a second chance?

Created by Maria Boehling for

Why I think it’s a good idea to open source your abandoned projects?

Last summer during a long holidays trip, still not having disconnected from my programmer lifestyle I decided to open my laptop and to check into old projects. After some minutes I stumbled upon, an old application I used to learn about the ecosystem of Ruby on Rails, Chef, Redis, Marionette.js…

I’m writing this for my future self, maybe my future family and/or for anybody that accidentally clicked-bait some link that led them here.

Software Developer by Nick Youngson CC BY-SA 3.0 ImageCreator

I’m Alejandro Dev. a software developer based in Barcelona, Spain. I’ve been in the industry of the software development since 2007. Back then I started working with Flash, PHP, Python and most recently just enjoying Ruby and Javascript. So yes, mostly web and a lot of server-side scripting.

As any other developer career path I once was a junior developer, then learnt enough to claim myself to be a developer and at some point the companies I…

Alejandro Dev.

I’m just a guy who once was a junior developer, then a developer, then a senior developer and now a team lead…

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