Are You Addicted To Your Emotions?

And it’s completely ruling (and ruining) your life?

Emotional addiction is very real and most people don’t realise that THIS is what keeps them stuck.

So what happens with emotional addiction?

You keep running the same patterns of thought, feelings & actions over & over again based on your past.

And then you create situations that bring up those emotions. Like constantly going for a*holes who cheat on you.

So you’ll go to a therapist to talk about the past over & over & over again in the hope that it clears things up.

But the problem is, if you keep looking in your past — you’ll create MORE of those feelings.

And stay in your past.

Continuously feeding your addiction.

Now don’t get me wrong, everyone’s on their own journey.

And if you’ve had some severe past trauma in your life, then you MUST face it with therapy first & foremost.

But there also has to come a time where you have to say ‘ENOUGH is ENOUGH. I’m ready to move on’. And the first step is admitting that you’re an addict.

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So here’s the problem with ANY kind of addiction …

There’s a payoff. A benefit.

Otherwise you wouldn’t do it.

That’s why people get so entrenched in their negative beliefs & emotions.

Because if you know anything about Pavlov’s dog, you understand that positive associations are what keep you stuck on this negative cycle.

Such as;

Getting attention from people.

Being justified in your behaviour.

Copping out of hard work.

Avoiding being honest with yourself.

Sympathy & pity from others.

Not having to make an effort to take care of yourself.

People leaving you alone.

Not having to try.

But it’s also FEAR of ‘If I let go of this, what will I replace it with?’

Because misery LURVES company. Does it not?

And I know that’s a very triggering thing to say. But I’d rather be real with you than fluff and pander.

I don’t do BS very well.

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Not only that, getting insights into why you do what you do will heal you WAY FASTER than talking, thinking, analysing & trying to rationalise the problem.

Because when you keep focusing on the problem, it’ll keep being a problem.

Ignore it & it becomes a distant memory.

**This takes solid training, commitment & practice so don’t expect an overnight result. (although stranger things HAVE happened).

So the first step is getting pissed off at me about the reality that you CAN take control of it.

This rocks people to the core.

Because it messes with the story that they AREN’T in control (we don’t like our payoffs being poked & challenged).

The second step is finding out more about it.

The third step is deciding to become powerful beyond measure & changing it.

But don’t take my word for it. Do your own research on emotional/behavioural addiction.

Your belief that you’re stuck is just that. A belief.

I can’t even say it’s paper thin. Because it’s nothing but what you’ve created in your head, consciously or unconsciously.

Did something bad happen to you? Only you can answer that.

Do you have a mental illness? That’s your doctor’s call.

But does it mean you can cop out and not do any internal work to change your situation?

WHY would you not want to do anything about it?

Pills aren’t enough. Therapists aren’t enough.

And as for your payoffs? They’re just like that ‘bad boy’ lover who keeps you dangling on the end of his manipulative string.

It feels good. But it’s oh so bad. And you know it!

You have to take some freakin action & stop relying on external entities to ‘fix’ you.

You have to get off that butt of yours and DECIDE that you’re done with being a slave to your emotions … and letting them dictate how you go about your day. Your life!

I know it’s scary.

I know it’s hard.

I know you’ll fail many times before you fly.

But what’s the alternative?

A lifetime of self pity?

I mean c’mon!

If you want to get anywhere in life you MUST break the cycle and replace it with positivity.

Starting today.

Ains :)

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