Get Out Of The Box Dude!!

I was chatting to a chick at the library yesterday (yes, I am a nerdburger) … and she was talking about hopefully, maybe travelling, hopefully, someday.


I wanted to shake her … but it’s not socially acceptable to assault strangers in the library (anywhere else is fine).

The language she used made me want to throw things.

‘I’m hopefully, maybe travelling, hopefully, someday.’

So I said to her, ‘Take those fluffy ‘hopefully’ words out of your vocabulary … and just say, ‘I’m travelling’. How does that feel?’

Then she dropped in an ‘It’d be nice’.


Or you know, you could save your money and go.

Ok I’m done.

When you use words like that, you’re also making a decision.

Not to commit to making it happen.

And it’s mainly because you doubt it’s possible (it is).

But you need to understand that, the words you use in your day to day life, DICTATE your day to day life.

That they act as instructions on a GPS to your life direction.

‘It’s only me’ translates to ‘I’m not as valuable as you’

‘I wish I could have that’ translates to ‘I need permission before I can have it’.

‘I’ve tried everything’ translates to ‘I’ve committed to nothing’.

‘Hopefully’ (and all those other shitty words) act as a barrier to your intentions.

They drop your energy & excitement levels x 10 … which slows down your thoughts, feelings & behaviour … which puts what you really want at a standstill.

It’s the same with relationships. Or career. Or business. Or anything else you want.

HOPING to have any of those things won’t make them a certainty.

DECIDING to make them a certainty, does.

There are people who decide & commit.

And there are people who wish & hope.

Choose wisely.

Ains :)

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