Get Out Of Your Own WAY! How To Bulldoze Your BS For Success

Today I’ve been a whiny little biatch with writing this. My brain was going ‘awww what should I write? I don’t know what to write’

Metaphorically dancing around from foot to foot & buying into the lie that it’s ‘too hard’. (it’s easy Ains — just spew out what’s in your brain)

And then I realised who the hell am I writing it for?

Does it matter if no one reads it or likes it?


But we do this ridiculous shit to ourselves ALL.THE.TIME!

We worry about what other people will think of us if we put ourselves out there in some way.

But when you just ‘do it for yourself’ the fear goes away.

Take dating for example.

When I was date coaching guys, their biggest fear WASN’T the rejection from the chick.

It was that other people will SEE said rejection & laugh at him.

So it’d cripple him into never doing it.

We worry WAY too much what other people think. Even though logically we know we shouldn’t care.

But there’s always that little voice in the back of your mind that isn’t even so much words … but a feeling.

And that feeling can break you if you let it.

It’s the STOP button on your decisions.

I know because I have one now.

My stop button is feeling like I’m not doing enough to make people care about what I do & how it can help them.

Even when I get great messages & praise — there’s still that part of me feeling like I’m not good enough.

I KNOW I’m using that as an excuse not to do the work.

I KNOW how to fix it (ram that fucker with a bulldozer by just doing the damn thing).

But sometimes it’s so unconscious that I don’t realise I’m doing it until I do. It’s a terrible habit that I’m committed to breaking.

Are You Letting A Pissy Little Negative Person Cripple You?

When I did tours, I’d get 34 glowing reviews and there’d always be one or two (always women) who didn’t like me.

So I’d dwell on those 2 really badly.

It was retarded logic.

Basically I didn’t gel with them or build rapport enough (or they were just arseholes). So the feeling came from the guilt that I could’ve done more.

But you can send yourself crazy worrying about that shit. That you could’ve done more.

And you always can.

So it doesn’t pave the way to getting away with your excuses either.


Any negative experience you have is feedback to be better & do better.

Any guilt you have over doing or not doing something means you just have to put on your big girl (or boy) pants and do it.

You wanna lose weight?

Bulldoze your bs.

You wanna ask that girl or guy out?

Bulldoze your bs.

You wanna get a higher paying job?

Bulldoze your bs.

You wanna start your own business?

You should know the answer by now baby!

So get out of your own way.

Stop using other people or ‘I don’t know how’ as your reason not to.

And get excited about the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Ains :)

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