How To Cure A Hangover With A Blunt Pencil

I was hoping I could just stab myself in the head with it.


Last year on Boxing Day I declared to the world that this was my last drink ever in the world ever.

We had the whole fam over … from both sides to celebrate Christmas on the wrong day. So I made a good go of saying ‘adios’ to Aunty Shiraz, Uncle Corona and Jim Beam.

They’d been good mates … sort of.

Especially that day much to my parent’s once again disappointment.

But for 3 months I milked my sobriety. Becoming a holier than thou ‘oh no, I don’t drink’ type that other people hate.

I’d sit at the pub with mates snorting down Self Righteous Soda and beaming about how good I felt.

What happened?

I became.






Not only was I pushing against willpower — my whole being became super rigid.

I lost my loose, fun personality because in the back of my mind I felt I needed to be like this to make sure I didn’t cave.

I don’t need booze to have fun or be myself. I can have a blast with or without it.

But because I was resisting and fighting against something, it got fucking exhausting … especially when 100% of the people you know, loves a bevvy in the sunshine.

So after 3 successful months of sobriety, I made a pact with myself to never fall back into the old pattern.

That being, towards the end of my time in Mexico, I drank a bottle of wine every second night.

But after some deep level mindset work and figuring out the core issue, it was just an escape from instability, loneliness & boredom.

I wasn’t exercising or eating healthy so I’d gotten a bit fat. I was a bit depressed. And I’d become a bit hermity.

House sitting is awesome — but after 2 years of constantly moving around, living out of a suitcase & being alone a lot of the time, I’d fulfilled that dream and I was done.

I needed my own place & a routine. So I came home.

For now.

And as a result? A few drinks is allocated to the weekend.

Balance restored.

So how does this relate to you?

Anything you push against with willpower will always fold you back in half. A lot of energy is needed with willpower that you can’t sustain long term.

So you need to change your belief system.

In other words, if you get great benefit from something, then you’ll have a tough time giving it up without changing the way you think about it.

So you need to get to the core reason of WHY it’s benefiting you so much.

You need to see, FEEL & hear a pain big enough from that behaviour in order to truly change.

Pain like shame, guilt, embarrassment, humiliation, anger … that sort of thing.

And in order to do that, you have to get REALLY REALLY REALLY brutally honest with yourself.

It’s like the woman who sees a photo of herself in a bikini & realises how big she’s gotten. And she feels enough disgust & shame that it pushes her to take action & start running like Forrest Gump.

When you get to the core of the pain, you’ll have the power to either modify the behaviour so you can still enjoy it but it doesn’t consume you … or quit it entirely.

It’s up to you.

But either way, there’s work to be done to understand your psychology behind it.

And pushing against it JUST.DOESN’T.WORK.

But being brutally honest with yourself & getting creative with how to change the way you think about it, does.


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