How To ‘Decomplicate’​ Your Life (that’s totally a word!)

Oh Lordy!

Don’t we overcomplicate the shit out of our lives??

And totally unnecessarily.

I saw a post earlier and it was all, ‘Why is life so hard? This shit never seems to end!’

And I thought to myself, ‘Oh darl. I remember THAT feeling’.

You big wheel spinner you!

Then one day I realised what I was doing to myself. The clutter, overthinking, drama, getting caught up in irrelevant crap that was sucking my energy out like a hungry Aardvark.

Do aardvarks suck? (spelling it does)

Here’s my theory on ‘overcomplicating’.

Wanna here it?


You’re addicted to the high.

Having ‘so much going on’ and ‘I’m so busy right now’ makes you feel very very super important.

It did for me anyway.

You might have another theory … but get real here.

TOO BUSY usually equates to sucky time management and not getting up early enough.

It’s also from ruminating about the time that girl gave you a dirty look when you were 7 and you’re still questioning your existence as a result.

PLUS we use it as a way to control other people.

Which is a bit shitty when you really think about it.

They ask something of you … and you use it as a barrier of entry to halt them from needing whatever that thing is.

Even if it actually benefits you.

But really, you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face.

This belief of being too busy and life being too complicated creates hat very reality.

No matter which way you dice it.

I’ve got a friend with 4 kids (Hi Bucket).

She’s the most organised human I’ve ever met on the planet.

She knows which kid is doing what at all times. She keeps them alive, fed, watered and sporty.

So when I fall into the whole ‘I’m soooo busy’ what I’m really saying is ‘I’m being very important right now. Love me’.


I need to adjust my life to fit these new activities in so I’m not being a ‘busy wanker’.

Same as you.

Apparently even you’ve got 4 kids, you’ve got no excuse.

Declutter your life dude. Then declutter your brain of ALL of the shit that sends you down spirals of thought & time wasting.

So you can thrive and get the small amount of stuff done that’ll get you somewhere in life.



If you nodded your head through this whole thing … then book a FREE 30 min consult with me to declutter your head & your life.

So you can focus on the simple day to day activities that’ll get you to your goals.

And if you’ve got no goals, then let’s help you get some.

Death is on its way. So you’d better do something epic in your life before it shows up


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