Some Days You Just Wanna GRRRRRR!!

You know those days.

Where your brain feels completely disconnected to your actions.

Where you’re trying your hardest to figure out a problem … but your brain won’t play?

Yeah that.

This is the pain of a problem solver. Where you can’t leave it alone or let it go.

It’s a bugbear that sucks you in time & time again but you refuse to budge until you solve the problem.

I used to be a quitter. Walking away if something was hard — or resisting even trying for fear of failure.

My how times have changed!

Now it involves 5am starts, consistent study & learning and then hours of implementation.

Not for the faint hearted. But you’ve gotta do what you gotta do so you can get to where you want to be.

The hard yards.

I mean, most of us want a relationship at some point.

Or to start a business.

Or to march in & tell your boss how hard you’ve worked and that you deserve that promotion.

Or to drop those 5kgs.

But there’s resistance that fights you every step of the way.

Some of it’s external (other people, objects, obstacles).

Most of it’s internal (fear, overwhelm).

And this is why people don’t get what they want. Because they fall short of pushing through that threshold to get to the next level.

You need to change your internal for ANY external to move for you.

Your mindset is the centrepoint of anything & EVERYTHING.

So for results to happen for you, it has to start in your head.

I’ve had to train myself into resilience. I’m like a dog with a bone.

No matter how many people have told me to quit …


Because quitting is copping out for the quick fix … and settling for a life I don’t want.

Growing & expanding into a life greater has far bigger rewards.

Both journeys are challenging at times. But there’s only one that’ll turn your dreams into reality (it just has a lot of growing pains).

And with each problem you have, you’ll find gaps that you need to fill.

That’s the crux of it.

When it comes down to the wire, the reason you’re not getting what you want is because;

a) Your mindset isn’t up to speed with it

b) You’ve got learning gaps you need to fill

c) You need skills related to achieving your goal

d) You’re not doing enough & need to hone in more

It sounds slow & cumbersome. Boring even.

But that’s the way you gotta play if you want to get anywhere.

So approaching any issue with a problem solving mindset has been a HUGE life saver for me.

No more falling into a heap on the floor.

Doubting my ability.

Stressing about the small stuff.

It’s more like, ‘Oh ok. That’s not working. How can I fix it?’

With a little GRRRRR thrown in the mix to make it interesting.


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