Sometimes You Just Can’t Be Arsed!

Yesterday I wrote out a list of activities I need to do EVERY. SINGLE.DAY!.

I’ve written this list A LOT … and funnily enough, it’s rarely changed.

But then I’d get sidetracked with laundry or bill payments or wine.

Which would last for months.


I hadn’t disciplined myself and guarded my time to do them.

And even looking at it made me feel exhausted … because by nature I’m a ‘fly by the seat of my too tight undies’ person.

As a result, I had a shit ton of resistance around disciplining my behaviours to become more focused, clear & driven.

So I’d sabotage it.

But I have to do this stuff for my business to grow & life to change.

It’s a lot of stuff to do in a day. It’s to a strict time schedule which goes against every fibre of my being.

But for growth, success and me to get back to Mexico so I can build my tour business (and the rest down the track) … there’s no time for whining.

Just suck it up princess!

Not only that, this is the painful part of adapting to something so regimented.

When these daily activities become a habit, they’ll be stored in my subconscious & I’ll just do them.

Pain free (yay!).

And the results will come to me tenfold (double yay!).

It’s just pushing through the pain threshold of whining, excuses and ‘oh shit, I’ve run over time today — might as well quit!’

This is the thing with habits.

If you’re half arsed about them, then they’ll fall down over & over & over again.

So you have to attach MORE pain to not doing them … than doing them.

This takes time. Sometimes even YEARS!

And it’s exhausting.

But you do get to a point where you’re sick of slipping backwards. Where NOT pushing through this pain is a far worse scenario than just getting on with it.

Like thrashing about at the gym for 30 minutes.

Or asking that person out.

Or hustling for that dream job.

They ALL come with an element of risk, discomfort and pain.

But it’s short term … because your brain & body will adapt to the workload … and then YAY! it’s a habit.

And a big, sexy, delicious result like the body … or the relationship … or the 6 figure management position.

So through this process, instead of shying away from problems, you need to learn how to handle them head on.

When you avoid problems, you’ll never push through the pain barrier that gets you to the glory.

And that’s where you fall short. You haven’t figured out yet that what you want needs more energy & commitment than you’re giving it.

Life throws up problems. Your job is to solve them.

Everything becomes a lot more fun that way.

Because you’re FINALLY rising to the challenge … and winning!



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