Stop Doing U-Turns Into Brick Walls!!

I can barely type right now, I killed brain cells last night so my fingers & brain aren’t good mates.

Anyway, this isn’t some ranty post about my body parts.

This is about YOU doing shit to yourself.

So I’ve been hanging out on Reddit lately, helping people out with their life stuff.

And there’s a common theme …

‘I can’t do this and I don’t know how to stop it’

Yes, if you think about what I just said carefully, you’d see that it makes NO sense.

But we carry on with this conversation every damn day of our lives.

In other words, the very thing the person says they can’t do, only can’t do it because they keep saying they can’t do it.

And they don’t know how to stop it.

It’s like standing in a bucket & trying to lift it up with the handle.


And I know that’s kinda obvious but hear me out …

Words are created by beliefs, beliefs are created by feelings, all of that creates actions & the actions come from a place of resistance and angst.

(I think that made sense).

In other words, the resistance you get from your life such as in dating, work, relationships, yourself … is created by the very stating of something as fact that you ‘can’t’.

It’s not fact. It’s perception.

And that shit can change in an instant.

When people tell me they can’t do something I want to forehead slap them.

Sometimes I actually do (in the nicest possible way).

But it’s such bullshit.

You only can’t do something because you’re deciding you can’t.

That’s all.

I mean, c’mooon!

You create your own roadblocks in your life so it’s your job to break them down.

Is it not?

So all you need to do here is change your language.

Just say I CAN over & over again and it’ll create an entire mental, physiological & emotional response to reflect that.

So can you?

I can.

Ains :)

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