The Art Of Slipping Backwards Into Fatdom, Singledom & Brokedom

I’ve done it.

You’ve done it.

You’re pumped.


You blow $150 on gym gear at Lorna Jane. Load up on magazines, protein shakes, Creatine & a good blender.

You head to the supermarket and fill up your trolley with veges, fruit, non soy-dairy-totally vegan-gluten free-low fat everything.

You eagerly join the gym.

‘This is IT!’ you tell yourself. ‘I’m going to go EVERY DAY!’

You start posting yourself sweating like a fat kid at a pie eating contest on Instagram.

‘Look at me! I’m EXERCISING everybody!’

‘I’m now very special and important and disciplined dontcha know’

You talk incessantly about ‘gym’ as if these stupid people around you are far less superior with their lunch time fat laden, greasy shit sandwiches.


2 weeks later (or a month if you’re lucky).

Your bananas are rotting in the fridge, there’s an empty Maccas bag stuffed in your bin, the look of accomplishment has been replaced with guilt & regret on your face …

… and your friends laugh and shake their heads at you once again.

‘Knew it wouldn’t last’ they snigger to each other.

So WHY WHY WHY Delilah do you have these bigass goals but ALWAYS fall short?

Where you’re going great, but you sabotage yourself & fall back into old patterns?

And I’m NOT just talking about exercise here … this is for

ANYTHING in your life you want to achieve.

3 Reasons;

1. You peaked too early dude

2. You haven’t dealt with the conditioning & obstacles in your subconscious that creates the sabotage

3. You’re not feeling enough pain to fully make this a lifestyle rather than something you just ‘do’ now & then

So Let’s Break These Down One By One

1. You Peaked Too Early Dude

When you want to change something, you get a hit of adrenaline. And excitement & empowerment ensues.

This builds up that fast momentum that makes you WANT to do the activities you need to do to get your result.

Problem is, it’s the ‘get rich quick’ scheme in disguise.

Or the ‘honeymoon period’.

This type of momentum isn’t sustainable.

Once the excitement is over, reality sets in & you’re left with the pains & struggles that kept you that way in the first place.

The reality is making you face yourself again … and you avoid it by stuffing burgers into your face.

So if you don’t deal with the pain or blocks in your mindset, no amount of Michelle Bridges’ 12 week programs will help you shift that.

Solution: Long game is key … so channel that energy in a way that you KNOW you’ll keep it going.

So get clear about your end goal so you know what you’re working towards & then work backwards on the activities required to achieve that.

2. You Haven’t Dealt With The Conditioning & Obstacles In Your Subconscious That Creates The Sabotage

You’ve got subconscious blocks or memories stored in your brain that if not cleared, will NEVER give you the success you want.

These are usually issues around self worth & value, identity and silly little beliefs about achieving (or not) the success of your goal.

Or doing those activities within that goal.

Solution: Emotional Freedom Technique baby! Journal around the issue to get to the core … then tap the shit out of yourself until you feel more empowered.

3. You’re Not Feeling Enough Pain To Fully Make This A Lifestyle Rather Than Something You Just ‘Do’ Now & Then

Wanna know what really helped me quit smoking? Telling myself I was going to die at 40.

There was an ad on TV with a woman who had lung cancer. At the end of the ad it said that she died at age 40.

I was 34 at the time & kept telling myself I only had 6 years left to


It motivated me to do EVERYTHING in my power to quit. I committed to it — and it took me 2 years & 4 attempts.

But I haven’t touched one for 5 years.

Solution: Use your pain as your propeller for not changing this behaviour … and your ideal situation & self as your map to guide you to getting (and sticking with) your ultimate result.

Whether it’s body or money or relationships or career or learning a new skill, the true path to change starts in your brain.

Strategies look nice … but they’re not the soul of it all.

So stop wasting money on ‘get rich quick’ ‘lose weight fast’ bullshit and focus on your psychology.

Book a consult with me and together we’ll uncover the emotional & mental blocks that make you slip backwards & keep you stuck.

We’ll clarify your goals and create a solid plan that’s easy to follow because we’ve changed your BRAIN and the way you view your situation.

PM me to have a chat.

Ains :)