You Can Stick Your ‘Depression’ Labels Up Your Patootie!

That word.

My Lord.

Plus the other words.

Oh my!

I’ve been thinking a lot about depression this morning and I have some very strong views about how to deal with it.

But before I move on I’ll insert my disclaimer here — I’m not a doctor — or a Psychologist — or a Psychiatrist.


I’ve been depressed to the point of suicidal a number of times in my life & crawled out of my own hole using holistic & positive focused methods.


I’ve had several clients tell me I’ve done more for them than the $300/hr psychs they were paying.


The first time it really happened for me, instead of taking medication, I checked myself into an NLP course which changed me as a person.

I then went on to do 11 years of study in many different modalities — ALL focused around positive & success psychology.

I’m allllll about the ‘moving towards focus’ baby!

Now if you need to take meds — then do that. Listen to your doc.

BUT don’t stop there!

What’s so important in dealing with your depression — is making a commitment to yourself to turn your life in a positive direction.

You MUST get clear about what you want and who you want to be.

This shifts your focus from the negative feelings to the positive. And this is something I’ve had to learn on my own journey.

It was tough!

But I’ve eliminated my learned helplessness, got control over my anger, frustration & melancholy, created a clear path to my goals to keep me focused … and have mastered happiness & fun as my default emotion.

Because you see, depression doesn’t OWN you!

It’s just sharing space in your brain with your other emotions, memories, beliefs etc.

And it’s what you CHOOSE to focus on that makes all the difference.

Now to back me up, there have been MULTIPLE studies done on success & positive psychology and the impact both have on depression, anxiety etc. (Google it — there are 2.67 million results on there)

SIDE NOTE: In one study, it was found that the “majority of people who are depressed are characterized by a sense of personal incompetence” (

So positive psychology & personal achievement is where you want to focus your attention.

It’s much harder work than popping a pill. Because you’re changing the makeup of your brain long term.

You’re also training yourself into emotional intelligence, stoicism and a whole new belief system.

But the long term effects of this training will CHANGE YOU and teach you healthy coping mechanisms.

It’ll show you how to aim higher in life than you’ve ever imagined.

And you’ll be so focused on creating an exciting future … that feeling bad just isn’t worth the hassle.

Ains :)

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