You’re As Pretty As A Pig With Lipstick On

This is the problem at 40 years old. As you look in the mirror and notice the sun spots … evidence of drug fuelled beach parties, boat parties, horse races.

More parties.

And sunshine.

Then there are the boobs that are less ‘sit’ and more hang. After years of dancing like a maniac at clubs.

More parties.

The lines around the eyes.

Evidence of the amount of smiles and laughter that spill out of your face.



All over your face & body.

I mean how amazing is this meat container we’ve got?

That’s carried us through fires, floods and fits of laughter when our best friend snorts and blurts Coke everywhere.

Here I sit, contemplating my own ageing. Thinking about Botox or skin care — laser.

A boob lift even.

I don’t know if I’d have the guts for knives and blood. I can’t even stand animals getting hurt in PG rated movies.

I think of all the years and brain bandwidth I’ve wasted worrying about these things.

I mean, people say they aren’t important.

But people are lying.

That’s what we’re MEANT to say.

We do worry about our looks. And that’s ok.

There’s nothing wrong with making an effort to take care of yourself.

Or even being a little bit precious about that weird hair growing out of your chin.

Where it’s problematic is if you think you don’t need a loving, compassionate and vibrant personality underneath.

You can’t buy that shit & get it surgically enhanced.

You decide who you want to be. Then cultivate the traits you want to be the strongest within you.

So you become that.

It’s free. Painless (somewhat).

And makes your face more beautiful anyway.


Because loveliness glows.

So glow.


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And when you radiate joy & happiness, guess what happens …

People respond in kind, your confidence will fly, you’ll be magnetic, loveable and the lines will soften on your face.

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