How Artificial Intelligence is Changing the World For The Better

Two months ago China announced that they want to be the face of the Artificial Intelligence push. This was a complete game changer. Since Artificial Intelligence is an ever growing aspect in our society, there is always something new and exciting to be told and shared with the public. New opinions are being formed by experts everyday in the A.I., Artificial Intelligence, field. For you to see these new opinions and occurrences you have to dig deeper and do research. I spent my time reading three different articles to inform myself about anything new happening in the world of Artificial Intelligence.

The first article I encountered is written in the New York Times by Oren Etzioni on September 1st, 2017, so it’s extremely recent. The name of this particular article is How To Regulate Artificial Intelligence. At the start of this article Etzioni went about speaking on a well known figure in the technological world named Elon Musk. Etzioni used Elon Musk’s words of Artificial Intelligence needing to be regulated to begin telling the reader that he himself is researcher in the A.I. field. As a researcher, Etzioni feels that Elon Musk is correct in a way, but not how you might think. Etzioni’s focused on rebutting people such as Elon Musk by saying instead we should regulate the process of programming A.I.’s. This would prevent injuries to us humans in the future. Etzioni went on portray his opinion on us as a nation. He made it a point to state that we can’t slow down with our research. If we do it could be detrimental, countries like China could capitalize in the long run. I think that’s a huge step in the Artificial Intelligence world because it could possibly shift the leaderboards.

As I’m continuing my search for new current happenings in the A.I. world. I find another article in the new york times named Beijing Wants A.I. to Be Made in China By 2030 written by Paul Mozur. As the Trump Administration comes into office, they are also bringing cuts in funding for A.I. research. China sees this as a golden opportunity to take over and become the new leader in A.I. around the world. On July 13th, China made a development plan of Artificial Intelligence that would put them at the top by 2030. Mozur states that China plans on doing this by making multi million dollar investments into many startups and research. China’s government was influenced to go this direction by certain events that occurred. Mozur sets the scene by talking about the entire country of China watching as its top ranked player in the board game Go, was beaten by the AlphaGo from Google. This is what started China’s feeling of the need to improve their research with new efforts. China hopes for the possibilities of Artificial Intelligence to range from agriculture to manufacturing. With these efforts by China, other countries were beginning to follow suit. I believe that China will bring a worldwide advance in research for Artificial Intelligence into play. As their knowledge of Artificial Intelligence grows, competing countries have no other option but to up their ante also. As a result the world in its entirety is headed for a huge advance in A.I. technology.

The last article that supplied me with an insight into the world of A.I. was found on the World Economic Forum, composed by Sandhya Venkatachalam’s, titled2017 is the year of the artificial intelligence. Here’s why”. This forum, being new to me, gave me an opportunity to put a new weapon in my arsenal when I’m ever researching for information on A.I.. Venkatachalam main focus is to inform her readers why 2017 is such a pivotal year for A.I.. She begins by giving the reader information on her being a technologist and an having an investor background in the A.I. world. Venkatachalam has her own opinion of what Artificial Intelligence can do and what it is. Venkatachalam states that Artificial Intelligence is Aware, Analytical, Adaptive, Anticipatory, and Autonomous. Venkatachalam proceeds to inform the reader that not all Artificial Intelligence have all of these characteristics; some might have a mixture of these elements, but not all. The example that was used gave an interesting thought. In present time there are self driving cars but those self driving cars can’t interact with you how Siri, the Apple’s digital personal assistant, can. The author believes that Artificial Intelligence has nowhere else to go but up. The importance and relativity of the article in the world of Artificial Intelligence is astounding because researchers are beginning to set guidelines on what is soon to come in our future. This then sets opposers of Artificial Intelligence at bay.

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