“Sometimes in life, you need to say what the f**k”.

Whenever I’m in a tough situation in life, I always think of Tom Cruise from Risky Business and his famous line “sometimes in life, you need to say what the f**k”.

These past couple weeks have been a learning experience, where I decided not to post anything because to be honest I had no value to give. I came to the realization that we live in a finite world where we’re always looking for infinity. I decided to ask myself “why” on almost everything I wanted and it lead back to one word, which was happiness. “Why do you want to blog everyday?” “To get recognition for my writing, to build a following, to start a business, to earn money, and to get my materialistic things which will lead to my happiness” From that answer, its going to take five finite and time consuming things to work out in order for me to achieve the emotional feeling of happiness; that’s absurd. The way society and a bunch of other factors wired my brain, I associate happiness with wealth and materialism. I came to the realization that I need to rewire my brain, which will take time because I’m fighting 19 years worth of damage. I need to rewire to the concept that “ I come from a place of infinity and I’m chasing something finite weather that’s money, materialism, and even social recognition.

I’ve talked about it before, we are so blessed, we’re humans and not mosquitos. Lets get shit done from the right mindset. Always keep asking “why?” and if the answers happiness, you need to take some time and realize that you need to come from a place of already being happy in order to acheive whatever that it is you want.

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Thank You!