Part of my data physicalization installation with flowers
Part of my data physicalization installation with flowers
Part of my data physicalization installation

My firm belief is: Knowledge is useless without creative processing.

In order to prepare knowledge for communication/knowledge transfer you need to be creative. If you are a knowledge worker it is especially helpful to be creative with your hands. It is relaxing and builds up embodied knowledge. That’s what this article is about.

Furthermore, I want to show how statistics about creativity can be made tangible with data physicalization.

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Making Creativity Tangible

This was my goal for my contribution to an art exhibition. Four female artists from Styria in Austria planned an exhibition and invited me to take part…

How to free your knowledge in a workshop setting.

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash

Activating and inspiring methods for knowledge transfer are one of my passions. Today I would like to contribute one.

Hackathon: The agile workshop format

When we see being agile as being swift and flexible a Hackathon is agile in the truest sense of those words.

A Hackathon is a very practice-oriented workshop format. Focussed on certain goals software applications are being developed. In teams which come together in the Hackathon setting for some hours or some days. With their results they often compete for prizes at the end of the Hackathon.

Sometimes lectures will…

The most common first or second aim of a business event is to transfer knowledge.

Knowledge transfer is more than just communication. Knowledge transfer makes knowledge available, supports understanding and the active acquisition of knowledge as well as the combination with existing knowledge.

Knowledge has to prove itself in action.” Peter Drucker

Knowledge transfer done well can lead to new or improved ways of action. When you achieved this your participants will be grateful. And you will be more flexible meeting the future of the business event market.

For this purpose I developed the Knowledge Transfer Event Canvas.

A. Hexelschneider

Visualize + transfer relevance in complex knowledge structures. Strategist, facilitator, lecturer, trainer. Serendipity-fan.

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