The Met

Tire Swing Debate outside the Met

Standing on line


The Met

Arguing about a

Tire swing

I really want one

Tied to the tree

In front of our house

They think I’ll break the tree

I think the tree is durable

It’s a million years old

One fat girl won’t kill it

The people around us snicker

We’re on the stairs

Of the Met

The Blair Waldorf

Stairs that

Shaped my teens

Where I thought I’d sit

And declare my

Love for the city

In fashionable blazers

And fluffy headbands

Reeking of maturity

And the bliss

That comes when

Ignorance has


And now In my twenties

These steps are a

Nosy bystanders

In my fight for a

Tire swing

Art Lovers

Two lovers in a


One of art

The other of

The attention that

Comes from

Loving art

Two lovers in a

Museum but no one

Dares to speak

To break the

Bubble of love

Created by other

Lovers in the



What can a

Phony really say

To a true


“I like the strokes on this one”

“That’s what she said”

The Art



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