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“If liberals have a long-standing delusion, it’s that the presentation of hard data (about everything from climate change to “voter fraud”) will win the masses to their cause. But within sportswriting, this is actually true. The publication of college football coaches’ rapidly inflating salaries floated the anti-amateurism crusade. If you know that the NBA signed a $24 billion TV deal with ESPN and Turner, it’s hard to argue that even Timofey Mozgov’s contract is going to bankrupt the league.

“It’s the accumulation of evidence rather than political change,” said Bruce Arthur, who writes a column for the Toronto Star. “People just figured it out.”

My critique does, in fact, fit into the purview of the article, by presenting facts and actual substance to criticisms with the current administration. I’m asking the author to go beyond the rehashed lines and think of something original, do some research, and share with us. Maybe do a story on successes of those receiving preventative care in an impoverished area that wouldn’t have otherwise received care? Bryan Curtis

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