The Math Behind The 5-Hour Rule: Why You Need To Learn 1 Hour Per Day Just To Stay Relevant
Michael Simmons

“ Of course, the challenge with Double Time is absorbing the knowledge while you’re driving.”

As a person who actually enjoys cars, driving, and MOTORCYCLE riding, this is potentially terrible advice! Driving requires focus. By focusing on something else (reading, applying makeup, shaving, texting/phone use, reading a book/newspaper, drinking coffee from an open mug while operating a manual transmission car, etc…yes, I’ve seen it!) one is diverting their attention from a lethal device of over a ton that can irreversibly change the lives of those within and around them. Saying “be careful” is hollow advice.

I hope your method is low-impact to the needed attention, much like listening to music. If it’s more like a phone conversation where attention is needed then it’s not a safe method of use while operating a vehicle or other heavy machinery.