Why Lacking in Confidence

The word confidence refers meaning "beliefs in the power or trustworthiness".

This is the fact that there are so many things mandatory in our survivals where what

matters the most is inside serenity that emerges from CONFIDENCE. If one is lacking it

that means there is a dearth in his beautiful life, gifted by divine only once. But, it is not

his fault all the time there are so many factors altogether become the generator of this


However, This is not the subject of discussion of a solo soul but all the human beings of

entire universe. Some of them are successful to get it defeated and some still remain

behind the curtain.

So lets discuss what are most genuine reasons for this highly affected issue of a life.

High Expectations from society or family.

If we ever notice, will come to know a child never feel ashamed, guilty or inferior. he’s

never afraid of performing any kind of act or open speech before any one. You know

why? It’s because he’s free from unnecessary expectations from society or family. If he

starts walking and fell so many times, still come up with more energy to cope up with it,

But this is not the case in adolescence. At this stage we expect to be Mr. Perfect in

every sphere of life, our mind is not ready to acknowledge the failures and demands

more accuracy out of fewest attempts as we’re spell bound by high Expectations, and

then we commence feeling like losing confidence.

A fact to be remembered: we can never expect a fish to climb up a tree.

So, no one is paragon. If we make mistakes again and again and still remain unable to

reach to the fullest that obviously means we are naturally skilled in something else.

Go to find that and stop your self to burden a lot.

Negative self-talk & judgement by oneself.

Many among us are just surviving not living and this makes distinction between both.

Negative self-talk is what we can say an open sturdy enemy of happy human life and this

is not something matter of consciousness but natural. Our mind is the partisan to find

negative directions even there are forward-looking ways in bulk surrounded by us.

Whenever we see someone any where(classroom , party or anyplace) who is perfect in

certain modes such as way of communication, greetings, or sense of dressing and get

inspired but along with doing this, we are also triggered by our negative thoughts to start comparing and judge ourselves with them. What mistake we are actually marking

here is every minute that’s spent here to be like someone else is a wasting minute of life

as we are unaware by their background—efforts, struggle periods, rejections, number of

attempts and much more.

So, never compare someone present with yours as it is another paramount factor in

lacking confidence.

Body shame and effects of abased comments.

Presence of diversity is not only found in living things but also non living as well, and It

just does not make a true sense why Human masses want to avoid it.

The day you realize all human beings are equally important, you’ll stop being a

vagabond in inferior thoughts.

No matter if someone is black or white, no matter if someone short or heightened, no

matter if someone has curly or straight hair, what matter the most all are equally


This is the personal experience of mine that multitalents don’t come forward at own will

because they are shortened in height or underweight. Their downfall level of confidence

based on the intensity of degrading them by others.

What we can do here let the people do their own work and you get busy enough in


Because the world needs the leader minds not the beauty conscious.


Apart from the above highlighted reasons there are more than that such as, family

background, substance abuse by parental relation, peer pressure, mental or

psychological disorder, or financial pressure.

In order to overcome this issue what one can do is to assist someone or get assisted

because alone we are just like one drop of water, but together we are ocean.


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Airaf Raheem

Airaf Raheem

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