When your love one is in Emergency Call Us for Emergency Transfer in Raipur-Bhopal

Hello friends, I am Sujata Sinha from Raipur. I am here to share my personal opinion and experience about what happens when an emergency occurs with you, how to tackle with that and what to do if you are far away from your home and seriously injured.

Panchmukhi Air Ambulance Services

First of all, I would like to share you and make you clear that I had gone through these situations within a blink of eye and face enormous number of problems within a Day. It was just a matter of time and serious determination of the company who helped us to save a life. That was the time of February 2015 when I was newly married and I am on vacation for nine days with my husband to Bhopal. We stayed in a hotel where we met one new married couple to who were also there for vacation and we became good friends in few days. One day when we are in our hotel room having dinner we heard a big sound of smash outside the hotel. We ran to the balcony and what we saw we can’t believe that our friend who stayed just in our neighbor room and fallen down and he was seriously bleeding. We quickly went down to save him and took take him to the hospital there we came to know that he was too drunk and due to that he fell down from the balcony. When Doctor saw him he demanded a blood and started basic treatment of him and after few minutes he told us that you have to shift him to the bigger hospital as fast as you can to save his life because they don’t have that much of hi-tech equipment for the better care of the patients. He provided a number +91–9955990333 and told us to call them they are best and very cheapest service provider for air and train ambulance services. We firstly informed to the family members of the friend and start searching low-cost and best air ambulance service provider we already contacted few of them and when compared Panchmukhi Air and Train Ambulance Services is the one who provides best and very low-cost air ambulance services in Bhopal. We confirmed them for their services. This was the same company whom Doctor has preferred to contact us.

Panchmukhi Air Ambulance Services

As they said they sent their Doctor to the hospital for taking the full report of the patients within an hour and they booked the chartered flight for air ambulance services in Raipur and told us to make discharge paper ready and remain in touch with us and tomorrow they are in the hospital with their own ambulance with Doctor and paramedical staff and ambulance had full setup of all hi-tech medical facilities like Oxygen Cylinder, Ventilator, Nebulizer Machine, Cardiac Monitor, Suction Pump, ICU, Ccu, and lots more. They took the patient from the hospital room to the van very carefully and it was just because patient himself said after the transfer that “I am very much satisfied and thankful to Panchmukhi for providing me such a safe and comfortable service.” They took patients to the airport for transfer him to Raipur. When their aircraft landed their ambulance was waiting for them they took the patients inside the ambulance with all the medical facilities available here also in the ambulance and took the patients to the destination hospital and consult Doctor and brief him about the situations and conditions and left the patient to the hospital bed.

They told us before that they are 24*7 hrs active and available for their services. They provide the bed to bed services. They even told us that they also provide rescue services too. They provide transparent services and Doctors suggestions too. We too really thankful to Panchmukhi air and train ambulance service for providing my friend such a best and finest emergency transfer service and saving his life in such a critical situation.

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