Ten margaritas and one crazy idea

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I think all of life’s big decisions should be made over cocktails 🍸. There’s something that happens after about the third round of margaritas when your sensible self is replaced by a more carefree version, willing to take a risk in order to make life more exciting. So when Jay suggested we sell everything we own and live in Airbnbs full-time, instead of throwing back a dozen reasons why he was batshit crazy, I actually considered it 🤔💭.

For context, my flatmate was about to move out, both of our leases were up and we’d been toying with the idea of living together. Collectively we fork out over $5K a month in rent so it would mean we’d have more gold coins to spend on important things, like travel and tequila. But really we just love the idea of spending every night together drinking wine, talking nonsense and giggling like like teenagers at a sleepover 👯‍♀️ .

Sure, we one of us could move in with the other or we could rent a new place together, but we could also just book back-to-back Airbnbs and have the freedom to live wherever we want. Now I’m not talking about becoming backpackers and taking off overseas (yet), I’m talking about renting Airbnbs mostly around Melbourne. But we both work in tech and, for the most part, can work from anywhere so there will be plenty of travelling on the the cards ✈️🌎.

So after a fourth round of margaritas, here’s what was on our Pros list for Airbnb life:

  1. The cost of renting a nice Airbnb is less than what we currently pay in rent
  2. Airbnb rentals are furnished and have all bills included
  3. No signing a lease or paying bond
  4. When you travel, you’re not paying rent back home
  5. The freedom to move around and live in different neighbourhoods
  6. Living a minimalist life with almost no possessions

Not to mention plenty of Airbnbs are pet-friendly. Oh yeah, I guess now’s a good time to introduce you to the third member of this band of gypsies, Lola the chocolate Labrador 🐶.

There was stuff on the Cons list too, but nothing we wouldn’t be able to work around. So it was decided. No fixed address it is! Are we crazy? Maybe. But we’re sure as hell going to have some awesome adventures.

📷 by Pablo Honey, suppliers of the delicious margaritas

Originally published at Airbnb Gypsies.

After deciding a normal life just didn’t cut it, we abandoned our house and sold everything we own to live in Airbnbs full time. Follow our adventures!

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