Internal Codes Related to Flight Tickets

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Nov 8 · 2 min read

These are the 4 types of sales indicator in travelling industry (specifically internal codes, related to flight tickets):

Internal Codes Related to Flight Tickets
Internal Codes Related to Flight Tickets
Internal Flight Tickets Codes

SITI-the most common

Sold In, Ticketed In [the country of origin]

You buy your ticket at DTW to fly from DTW to TYO.


Sold In, Ticketed Out [of the country of origin]

Kind of rare.


Sold Out, Ticketed Inside

i.e. a ticket paid for in LAX for a customer in HKG that is issued when the customer checks in at HKG, or picks up the ticket there.


Sold Out, Ticketed Out Inside- i.e., a ticket you buy in your country and mail to someone in another country, or an E-Ticket you purchase for someone in another country.

HIP: Higher Intermediate Point.

As an example, and I’m not being accurate with the price, DTW-HKG, let’s say is $1000.00 one way. Since NW flies DTW-NRT-HKG, and DTW-NRT is $1500.00, NW charges $500.00 for DTW-HKG. Otherwise, someone might just buy DTW/NRT/HKG and get off at NRT (not having checked any luggage) and NW is out the $500 that the customer should have paid for DTW/NRT.

PTA: Prepaid Ticket Advice.

ABC Lawfirm, based in Toky, PrePays a ticket from their end for a consultant to fly from DTW to NRT.

Hidden Cities is another good one. HP sells CMH-LAS for, let’s say, $100.00. NW matches the fare, but NW makes a connection at DTW. The DTW-LAS fare is $200.00. Some people buy a CMH/DTW/LAS fare, and pop up in DTW saying it was more convenient for them to fly from DTW as it’s closer to where they live. (Sure, the address in their WorldPerks profile shows they live in Detroit). So they can either drive down to CMH to pick up the flight, or buy the applicable one-way fare from DTW to LAS.

The other question, I believe, asked if the HKG-DTW fare could be purchased for DTW-HKG. The answer to that is, ‘no’. If UA runs a special for Americans to visit London, and not vice-versa, someone in England cannot purchase that special fare and use the coupons out of order, or take advantage of that special. It’s a promotion to get people FROM the US to fly TO London.

The reverse is true, also. NW may have a sale in the Paris-LAX market, but not in the LAX-Paris market. The fares are based on the Origin and Destination, not where the ticket is purchased (in most cases).

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