Air Cosmetics Paris has just announced its first sale of a beauty product on the blockchain. The item sold was AFRICA Red Matte liquid lipstick, Air Cosmetics’ flagship product. The Multiven Open Marketplace (MOM), a decentralised marketplace application on the Ethereum blockchain, enabled the transaction. A buyer from Italy used Multicoins (MTCN), MOM’s proprietary currency, to purchase the item.

Air Cosmetics is honoured to be the first luxury brand to sell its products on the blockchain. This landmark transaction propels the luxury items industry into the era of blockchain-commerce. Blockchain technology will help to eliminate counterfeiting by enabling unprecedented traceability…

It is mid-2019 and despite the billions of dollars spent by black women annually on beauty products, none of the luxury makeup brands we all crave are African-owned, until now.

Thus, it is with great pride that we announce that Air Cosmetics Paris is the world’s first, and only African-owned ultra-luxury makeup brand. Unbelievable right?

We founded Air Cosmetics Paris in 2019, after two years of research and development, with the belief that every woman, irrespective of colour, class or creed, deserves to be able to enhance their beauty with the same high quality products readily available to women in…

Air Cosmetics Paris

Affordable Luxury Makeup for Women of Colour™ —

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