Recruitment Marketing — What is all the buzz about?

The headline might seem confusing and might make you wonder; — ‘Really! Marketing in the recruitment domain as well!”, but trust me the name has it’s own reasons. According to Glassdoor, around 84% of the employees would consider leaving their current job if they would get an offer from another potential employer, which of course includes increased number of benefits. In this scenario where the number of capable candidates is dwindling, it becomes very important to build the brand image of company in such a way that it STANDS OUT!

What is recruitment marketing?

It refers to each and every tactic starting from email marketing, content marketing, social media promotions, community engagement, referrals, word of mouth, recruiting events — that a recruitment team perform to generate, nurture and convert leads to suitable job applicants.

How do Leads and Applicants differ?

A candidate might be interested in your organization but he has not applied yet. Such candidates are called leads.

What can be achieved by recruitment marketing — The leads can be nurtured and converted into applicants. The aim is to provide the recruiters with a pool of high quality candidates, thus saving the pain of interviewing unqualified applicants.

The recruitment market is getting more competitive day by day and it is difficult to find quality candidates. Now it is time for recruiting teams to incorporate marketing in their functions to attract the quality talent.

Why use Recruitment Marketing?

Candidates have choices too, the millennials filter their employers very carefully. You have to fight for gaining the attention of the candidates. Sourcing Passive candidates is more tough; since they are not ready to switch their jobs. Recruitment marketing can help in this scenario.

Why should candidates choose you?

Earlier, recruitment used to work like this — A vacant position comes up, the HR recruiter would post the job on company website and wait for applications to drop in. Attracting millennial talents is not that easy. ‘A Job’ is not enough to entice them. They need to have a purpose, a reason, higher calling, whatever you call it. It is very important that you should frame and decorate your job description properly and choose the platform for posting your job wisely to reach the maximum no of potential applicants.

Recruitment marketing is your chance to build your brand image, showcase that to your prospective candidates, turn them into applicants through using all the possible channels and making the star hire.

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