What Does Eliminating Carbon Emissions In 10 Years Look Like?

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Jun 29 · 2 min read
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There are a growing number of organizations, activist groups, scientists and a few politicians speaking about the necessity of eliminating carbon emissions in a 10 year time frame. This is a needed goal now as humanity has done nothing meaningful to reduce carbon emissions for decades. However, hearing this goal stated, one thing which I don’t hear much of is a specific set of actions which would be needed to reach this goal.

Here is my quick list of worldwide actions of the type and scope necessary to make a credible effort towards the stated goal:

1- The immediate shut down of approximately 75% of all businesses. Only essential services remain open. Essential services means growing and distributing food, health and hospitals, basic transportation, utilities, etc.
2- All employment wages and profits stop. Money becomes simply a logistical and organizational tool.
3- Every person receives a monthly stipend for necessities.
4- All debt is canceled.
5- Stock markets are suspended
6- All non-essential vehicle use is suspended including airplanes
7- All commercial and housing construction is stopped
8- 90% of the meat industry is shut down
9- All fracking and coal extraction is stopped
10- 70% reduction in water use
11- All poisons currently being sprayed or otherwise put into the environment is stopped and all conservation efforts based on the concept of invasive species are halted.
12- All non-essential material goods are no longer available for sale. This includes cell phones, computers, cars, TVs, microwaves, etc etc etc.
13- All militaries are scaled down with a worldwide ceasefire and a halt on weapons production and those organizational structures are repurposed
14- All corporate charters are revoked and those structures are repurposed
The military and corporate structures are repurposed for:
15- Massive tree planting campaigns
16- All hands on deck effort to transform commercial agriculture
17- Massive soil building programs
18- Social education and training programs to give people the skills needed for the new reality

I’m sure there are other aspects I am not thinking of. That is not important for the point of this article. It is necessary to articulate the scale and type of actions needed to have a chance of meeting to stated goal of eliminating carbon emissions on a 10 year time scale.

There is a lot of talk about growing the economy, living wage jobs and also protecting the environment. These are lies. Maybe some people are fooling themselves when they talk like this. Others must know these are lies but rationalize it with the thinking of political expediency. Living wage jobs means a dead planet. And forget economic growth! Even to continue the current level of ‘economic’ activity (i.e. plundering the planet) is the path to our own end.

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