🤑 KuCoin Wallet Madness giveaway with $5,000 Cash rewards

💰Total prizes: 5,000 USDT

📒Prize detail:

🔹 Top 100 players with the most entries will equally share the prize pool of 3,000 USDT
🔹 200 random players who finish all the tasks will be selected to share the prize pool of another 2,000 USDT

🎁Rewards distribution:

Rewards will be distributed to 300 winners within 10 working days after the end of the campaign.

What to do?

1️⃣ Registration KuCoin : Click Here
2️⃣ Complete gleam : Click Here
3️⃣ Enter the address of USDT in the network KRC-20



Free NFT from Pikaster 🔥

💰 Total pool : $50,000

✅ What to do?

🔗Open Link : Click Here

1. Register on the site
2. Click Attack at the bottom of the page
3. Get NFT 🤑
4. Invite friends
For each give a wand

💲 NFT price: from $80
👉 Already on Kucoin ~ $0.7 each

We take while they give 😎
🏆 They promise a game very soon!



🖼️ Personalized NFT from BITMART

💰 The BITMART exchange is launching its marketplace, in honor of this event we can get an NFT, which will be signed with our name.

📝 What to do?

🔹 Register on the bridge: Click Here
🔹 Open Forms:
Click Here
🔹 We answer the questions

☑️ Answers:

1️⃣ Ethereum;
2️⃣ true;
3️⃣ Trading Fees + Royalty Fees.

📅 End date: June 6

🔀 If you trade on the stock exchange, go through the KYC.



Earn from $10 per day by viewing ads on ClickProfit 🤑

📑 ClickProfit is an advertising platform created by a team of professionals in their field. Our experience in online marketing has allowed us to develop a unique platform that brings together the interests of advertisers and users.💰

⭕ What to do?

🔗 Open Link : Click Here

🔸 We are registering on the site
🔸 Get $5 bonus
🔸 Watch ads
🔸 Invite friends



🚴‍♀️ NFT bike from the BICY project

🗞️ The new M2E project BICY is airdropping its NFT bikes on Telegram

💰 The developers promise that with the help of this bike it will be possible to start earning in their application after the launch of the game.

📝 What to do?

🔸 We go to the bot
🔸 Subscribe to their telegram channel and chat
🔸 We invite at least 2 friends
🔸 Enter the wallet address
🔸 We are waiting for the NFT bike



💰 Get Allowlist from Moodies

📝 Moodies is an NFT collection that visualizes human emotions with various symbols. It was created by artists Asaf and Tomer Hanuka. You can now get on the Allowlist, as well as subscribe to “exclusive updates” (sounds promising). The Twitter collection was created on May 24, so they are just beginning their development.

AirDrop Link 🔗 : Click Here

⭕ What has to be done?

🔸 Open the link.
🔸 Enter your email and Ethereum wallet address.
🔸 Follow updates on their Twitter page.

👀 The collection is now in its early stages, has an unusual design and the NFTs themselves look pretty good, so it’s worth spending 2 minutes and getting an Allowlist.



🚀 New airdrop: 4Move

💰 Reward: 250 4Move (~$5)

🗞️ News: BSCDaily, DappRadar

🏆 For 2,000 Random Lucky people
👥 The top 200 referrals will get more 4Move tokens

📅 Distribution date: June 15th

AirDrop Link 🔗 : Click Here

🔸 Open telegram bot : Click Here
🔸 Complete all tasks of the airdrop
🔸 Submit your BSC wallet address

⚠️Please remember: We are airdrop hunters and only participate in free airdrops, please do not buy any airdrop tokens



🔥 Clanity Official Airdrop (CARDANO)

💰 Reward : 10 $CLAN
🏆 Winner : For All

🔹 Let’s go to the site.
🔹 Register — confirm the mail.
🔹 Go to the account tab and paste the wallet address.

📑 The token address has not yet been published