How to properly withdraw airdrops to sub-accounts?

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3 min readFeb 17, 2024


In this brief guide, we’ll discuss how to quickly and correctly create sub-accounts on the OKX exchange and distribute received airdrops without suspicion.

What is a subaccount?

A subaccount is an additional account linked to an existing OKX account. You can create multiple sub-accounts to diversify your trading strategies and reduce your risks. Subaccounts can be used for a variety of transactions, including spot trading, margin trading, contract trading and making deposits. Withdrawing funds from a subaccount is not available.

How to create a subaccount?

  1. Open the OKX website and log into your account, go to Profile and click Subaccounts:
  1. Click Create subaccount .
  2. Enter Login ID , Password and select Account Type :
  • Standard sub-account: supports changing Trade Settings and Deposits .
  • Managed Sub-Account: Only supports changing Trade Settings .
  1. Review the information and click Submit .
  2. Enter your two-factor authentication code and click Confirm .

Note :

  • The sub-account will have the same level of trading fees as the main account.
  • Regular users (commission levels 1–5) can create up to five subaccounts. Users of other tiers can find out their subaccount limits on the Limits by Tier page .
  • Subaccounts can only be created on the website.

How to log into a subaccount?

Enter your username and password on the login page of the OKX website or application. You can also first log into your main OKX account, go to the sub-accounts page and activate the Switch option to quickly switch between accounts via Profile.

Activating the “Switch” option on the subaccounts page

Via the website: click “Switch account” in the “Profile” section

In the app: Click “Change account” on the profile and settings page

If you already have a sub-account and want to know how to make a transfer/deposit, follow the link .

Thus, we’ve covered how to create and manage sub-accounts on the OKX exchange.

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