How to purchase a card on the platform?

Airdrop Hunter (Marketplace)
3 min readFeb 29, 2024


In this brief guide, we will explain how to quickly purchase a card on the Airdrop Hunter platform and add liquidity!

What is AirdropHunter?

AIRDROP HUNTER is a marketplace for optimizing web3 activities. The product is a unique solution for automating participation in drops and passes.

How to buy cards?

  1. Choose a project.

Connect your wallet to the decentralized AirdropHunter application. Deposit funds into the platform and subscribe to the chosen project.

The funds you deposit into the platform are only used to subscribe to accounts and cannot be withdrawn from the platform!

2. Initialization of accounts and distribution of replenished liquidity to accounts.

To replenish accounts, funds must be in your Metamask wallet.

The amount to replenish all wallets is specified in Initial actions → Cost Summary.

  • Navigate to the product card.
  • Go to the “Initial actions” section.
  • Sign transactions at step one.
  • Sign the transaction at step two.

This transaction will distribute your funds to subscription accounts based on the principle of working with sub-accounts OKX, Binance. After completing the cycle, the funds will be in your wallets minus the network fee required for the service to operate.

3. Wallet storage.

Download the JSON file and save it. Remember, you are responsible for the security of your JSON. Do not disclose or show your seed phrases to anyone.

4. Service Operation

After replenishing the wallets with liquidity, you will see the message “Everything is fine. Expect a circle”.

After this, the service will start its operation, and links to the explorer will appear in the interface as transactions are executed step by step.

5. Transaction Tracking Status

  • Go to the card of the signed product.
  • Click on “Initial actions”.
  • Then click on “Details”.

In the table, you will see all transactions executed by the service, with links to the explorer.

6. Waiting for Operation

Claiming received airdrops will follow the principle of sub-account operation like OKX, Binance, where funds are initially gathered in sub-accounts and only then transferred to the user’s main wallet.

Be sure to subscribe to Telegram and Twitter.

7. Governance

Tokens received as a result of airdrops can be used to participate in governance projects.

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Airdrop Hunter (Marketplace)

AirdropHunter enables you to receive airdrops across various web3 protocols 🪂