Airdrop King — New Registration Feature

You can now sign up on to keep a record of your claimed airdrops, like and dislike airdrops, collect points to compete with others and much more.

New Account

One Click Sign Up

Most likely the easiest Sign Up you’ve ever seen! Just a single click and you’re signed up. This is possible with a private key which you should already know from blockchain projects like Ethereum. After you’ve clicked the signup button you’ll receive a private key with which you can login again. Therefore, make a backup from that key and store it in a safe place. Everyone who as access to this key can access your account.

Social Sign Up

If you don’t want to use this new feature you can also register using your Facebook, Google or Twitter account. You’ll still get a private key but you can also sign up with the other options.

Screenshot from the Sign Up page

Your Account and all Features


Everything important on one page.

Screenshot from the new Dashboard


Collect achievements for special tasks like

  • claiming airdrops
  • liking and disliking airdrops
  • visiting on multiple consecutive days
  • and many more…
Screenshot from the Achievements page. Greyed out ones are locked

Earning points will grant you privileges like earning more tokens from exclusive airdrops or higher like-multipler.

New Personalised Airdrops

Get only airdrops you’re interested in. In you Settings you can for example uncheck “KYC” and “phone”. All airdrops who requires KYC or a phone number will then be hidden from you

Screenshot from the personalised filtered airdrops

Claimed Airdrops

After you clicked the big blue “Join Airdrop Now” button this airdrop will automatically added to your list of claimed airdrops. You can also add custom notes to it like which ETH address you used or other important things. This makes it needless to use a special Excel sheet.

Screenshot from your claimed airdrops


You’ve also a referral link. Sharing this with your friends grants you bonus tokens from exclusive airdrops on which are coming soon.

Screenshot from the referral page


There are way more features to discover and more will as well follow in the near future. Sign Up and discover them all!


Like with all new software there might be some bugs. If you find one please contact us on Telegram at @airdropking_io_support or via mail on and describe it to us.

Thanks for the support. We hope you enjoy it.