How to Withdraw Airdrop Tokens?

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Time — The most common misunderstanding

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How to receive the tokens?

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a) Tokens will be send to you

b) You have to withdraw the tokens

c) You don’t receive any tokens

  • Most of the time the tokensale failed and the project won’t even start. No project = no airdrop.
  • Sometimes the airdrop or project was a scam. Even if we do our best in researching every airdrop listed on our website there are still some bad actors amongst them who try to get you email address or similar. That’s why we encourage you to create a dedicated email address for airdrops.
  • We also see quite often that our users don’t complete ALL instructions. But to be eligible to receive an airdrop you always have to do all steps unless there’s a (optional) step amongst them.

Best Practices

  • If you’ve created an account on we recommend to add some notes to every airdrop you’ve claimed. With these notes you can go through your list of claimed airdrops in your account and check once every month every airdrop if it is distributed now or not.
  • Ask the project after the current airdrop status. Go to their Telegram channel or Twitter account. Most of the time other peoples already asked that in the past as well so you can use the search function as well.

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