How to Withdraw Airdrop Tokens?

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3 min readFeb 2, 2019

A lot of people recently asked how they can withdraw or receive their tokens earned by airdrops on Airdrop King. This is a small “how to” …

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TLDR; It depends on the airdrop itself how to withdraw or receive your tokens. Most of the time you’ll have to wait at least several weeks, more likely several months before you can access or get your tokens. Sometimes they’ll be send directly to your wallet and sometimes you have to login on the website where you’ve claimed the airdrop to withdraw them. Our recommendation is to contact the project and ask after the token distribution.

Time — The most common misunderstanding

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Nearly every new airdrop hunter expects to receive the airdrop tokens immediately after he or she has completed all instructions. Unfortunately, that’s wrong for 99% of all airdrops. This is due to the nature of airdrops:
They are a marketing instrument to gain attraction for the project itself and most of the time for the upcoming tokensale. The tokens from the airdrop will be accessible after the successful tokensale. This means in average it takes several weeks up to several months before you can access the airdrop tokens. But it is worth to wait for it.

How to receive the tokens?

Now that we know it takes time to be able to receive the airdrop tokens there’s the next question: How to receive them?

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a) Tokens will be send to you

Most of the airdrops you have to enter your wallet address while claiming it. This means the tokens will be send to you automatically in the future. However, you can ask in the Telegram group of the project for updates about the distribution.

b) You have to withdraw the tokens

This is often the case for airdrops where you create an account on a website to be eligible to receive the tokens and you don’t enter any wallet address. Therefore, you’ll have to login in the future to withdraw your tokens. You normally can’t withdraw them instantly.

c) You don’t receive any tokens

Unfortunately, this happens time for time, but why?

  • Most of the time the tokensale failed and the project won’t even start. No project = no airdrop.
  • Sometimes the airdrop or project was a scam. Even if we do our best in researching every airdrop listed on our website there are still some bad actors amongst them who try to get you email address or similar. That’s why we encourage you to create a dedicated email address for airdrops.
  • We also see quite often that our users don’t complete ALL instructions. But to be eligible to receive an airdrop you always have to do all steps unless there’s a (optional) step amongst them.

Best Practices

  • If you’ve created an account on we recommend to add some notes to every airdrop you’ve claimed. With these notes you can go through your list of claimed airdrops in your account and check once every month every airdrop if it is distributed now or not.
  • Ask the project after the current airdrop status. Go to their Telegram channel or Twitter account. Most of the time other peoples already asked that in the past as well so you can use the search function as well.

Any unanswered questions? Let us know at and we’ll update this blog post.