8 ZKS Can Now Be Redeemed For 1 EOS Of CPU For 24 HOURS On The EOS Mainnet!

ZKS recently released its newest feature, the ability to redeem 8 ZKS for 1 EOS of CPU for 24 hours. This new feature will be particularly useful to those who have a large number of transactions to complete in a day, and need CPU resources to help complete all those transactions without worrying about the 3 hour time limit.

You can now send 8 ZKS to zksredeem24h to get 1 EOS worth of CPU for 24 hours. If you are delegating to another account, please put that account’s name in the memo field.

ZKS is a standard EOS token deployed and airdropped on the EOS Mainnet Blockchain. The ZKS tokens are redeemed for CPU resources on the EOS Mainnet through a smart-contract. We have simplified the process of allocating CPU, so that users of EOS can quickly and easily accomplish any transactions they need to make on the mainnet. ZKS tokens have been designed to be a very simple utility token, that will provide 1 EOS of CPU for 3 hours. There are no complex mechanisms for issuance or redemption, simply go to ZKS.one and log in with Scatter to redeem your ZKS.

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