AirDropsDAC enters into Partnership with Emanate to airdrop EMT!

AirDropsDAC has entered into a partnership with Emanate to airdrop EMT to EOS account holders. AirDropsDAC offers airdrops as service, handling all the necessary elements of a token airdrop from token contract design, unique snapshots, resources needed for the airdrop such as RAM and CPU and marketing services. Airdrops are easy and stress free with AirDropsDAC. The possibilities for developers are endless!

Many developers are looking to tokenize their projects on EOS, but distributing tokens through airdrops can be daunting for many developers. From RAM requirements to marketing the project, it can be very difficult to take the first step towards launching your dApp on the blockchain. The mission of AirDropsDAC is to decouple the process of token distribution from development of the platform. By using AirDropsDAC, developers can focus on making their platforms better and not worry about all the details that go in to token distribution.

Emanate will revolutionize the music industry

Emanate is a self-governing Audio Exchange Protocol, powered by EOSIO. The Emanate team is working to revolutionize the way music artists get paid, by building a decentralized platform that compensates artists when users listen to their music. Emanate also plans to be a Decentralized Autonomous Community (DAC) which means that people using the platform and holding its tokens will have a say in how it is run. Emanate has entered into a partnership with Vampr, connecting 500,000 users to the soon to launch Emanate platform.

Using blockchain as a new way of creating music artists collaborations

The team is looking to solve several problems with the music industry today, including the lack of transparency around payments, inefficient payment processes, a shortage of global collaboration due to a distrust, and an increasing barrier to entry for new artists. Emanates platform offers a reliable way to track contributions. Emanate will solve these problems by offering a platform that gives artists the ability to collaborate using “Smart Collaborations” protected on the blockchain, and monetize their music easily and get paid instantly.

These are only a few of the many features Emanate will offer on the blockchain. Their vision is to make a global revolution in music creation, monetisation and artists connection by bringing a high level of trust, automation and transparency. Emanate has been rated the most promising music blockchain project by, and has been featured by at the blockchain live event in London.

Emanate has received an investment from Z11k, which is a blockchain accelerator providing early stage funding to EOSIO startups. The goal of Z11k is to invest in startups in the EOSIO world where they can provide technical assistance in addition to early stage capital.

EMT token airdrop

The EMT airdrop is planned in late February or early March, so be sure to follow us to keep up with the updates.


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