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Malta Block (AirDropsDAC) is excited to announce our candidacy for WAX Guild. We are a group of passionate individuals involved with the EOSIO ecosystem since late 2017. AirDropsDAC was our first project on EOSIO whereby we introduced the claimable airdrop model for token distribution. Our novel technique made the RAM re-usable and the airdrops more affordable for a number of projects. During the CPU crisis in late 2018, we introduced ZKS, the redeemable token for CPU and NET on EOS. We were one of the founding Block Producers on Telos as Telos-21Zephyr. We introduced ZOS, the electronic discount token for the services of AIrDropsDAC in early 2019. We also operate one of the largest DSPs as Malta Block DSP through which we offer LiquidAirdrops, vRAM, LiquidScheduler and LiquidOracles. We organized the first virtual Conference for Telos in 2018.

Public Website URL:

Social Media:

Official WAX Guild Candidate Name:

  • Malta Block
  • Producer Node: maltablockbp

Location of Company Headquarters:

Champaign, Illinois, USA

Expected location of servers:

Kansas City, USA

Type of servers:

  • Primary BP nodes are running on bare metal servers
  • Back-up BP nodes are running on GCP

Current Employee List and Pictures:

Relevant background qualifications:

Our team has been involved with EOSIO since late 2017 — well before the mainnet launch. We have brought many innovations in to EOSIO including Claimable airdrop model. We are one of the founding Block Producers for Telos Network and we continue to maintain excellent infrastructure for block production. We are one of the largest DSPs and operate an excellent infrastructure providing various services for DAPP Network including vRAM, LiquidAccounts, LiquidAirdrops and LiquidScheduler. We are bringing all our expertise to WAX Blockchain and will provide the same excellent infrastructure and service that we are known for.

Technical Specifications:

Data Centers

Our infrastructure deployment runs within a Hosted Datacenter in Kansas City supplied by three redundant power feeds and provisioned with redundant cooling, as well as run on enterprise grade compute and networking hardware. We have a secondary deployment hosted on the Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Hosted Datacenter :


Our Kansas City datacenter is fed by three redundant power feeds critical to enterprise datacenter infrastructure uptime. In the event of loss of utility power, the automatic transfer switch moves the power source from utility to diesel generator. The UPS systems supply temporary power during the time required for the generator to fire up.


Our Datacenter internet is focused on providing highly reliable, ultra low latency network connectivity, suitable for blockchain applications. Our network is built with a fully redundant architecture and scalability in mind.

Physical Security

Along with reliable power and a solid network, security is a primary focus of ours. Access within the facility is controlled by biometric scanners, and monitored 24/7/365 by security cameras. Every doorway, both at the entrance of the facility and within, are secured using biometric hand scanners and monitored with video surveillance, ensuring zero unauthorized access to any part of the facility. This provides the ultimate level of protection to keep your mission critical internet services safe.

How are we hosting ?

All our applications are hosted on premises self managed Kubernetes cluster. Kubernetes is an open source container management platform designed to run enterprise-class, cloud-enabled and web-scalable IT workloads. It is built upon the foundation laid by Google based on 15 years of experience in running containerized applications.

The master is responsible for exposing the application program interface (API), scheduling the deployments and managing the overall cluster. Each node (bare metal servers running within the data center) runs a container runtime, such as Docker.



API nodes are running on a kubernetes clusters behind load balancers. They run on i9–9900k servers with a high memory footprint and striped SSD’s for fast read write. To ensure high availability api-nodes are running on more than one server.

BP Nodes:

BP Nodes are running on bare metal servers with intel i9–9900K CPU’s , DDR4 RAM and SSD disks.

Our seed nodes, API, and History architecture were designed to achieve horizontal scalability. We can deploy more nodes to meet network demands.

Other Services:

Our Data Center is not just made up of API and BP nodes, we also have a monitoring and management as well as a development environment for building dApps and smart-contracts.

Estimated Scaling Plan for Hardware:

Our API services and load balancers can handle the anticipated volume. We can scale our Kubernetes architecture to meet increased demand quite easily.

Community Benefit Projects:

We bring our airdrop expertise to WAX and can help new projects on WAX to easily distribute their project tokens. We plan to engage the community to organize annual conferences. We offer smart contract development services to projects on WAX and will help to make the developer on-boarding experience as easy as possible.

Malta Block is hosting a full Elastic Search History Solution using Hyperion from EOS Rio.

Telegram Contact & Node Name:

  • Telegram: @michaelgucci
  • Node Name: maltablockbp

Our Thoughts on:


The health of a network depends on token holder participation in decision making. Our focus will be on educating the token holders on the issues that are relevant to them and help them with the decision making process.

Transparency & Accountability:

We are a self-funded US based entity. We take complete responsibility for maintaining excellent infrastructure for WAX Network.


Security has always been our main focus and we strive to maintain excellent security standards.


We have extensive experience in maintaining and scaling infrastructure needs.


Malta Block is a team of highly experienced professional and we are excited to be part of WAX.

Please support Malta Block Guild by voting maltablockbp !!

Follow Malta Block (AirDropsDAC):

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