Now you can redeem your ZKSPLAY directly for CPU on the EOS blockchain!

1 ZKSPLAY token can be redeemed for 1 EOS of CPU for 3 hours. ZKSPLAY is a specially designed token for use on BetDice and other gaming platforms on the EOS blockchain. This new feature makes it easier to utilize your ZKSPLAY tokens by eliminating the need to convert ZKSPLAY to ZKS before using it to access CPU resources.

To redeem ZKSPLAY for CPU simply send it to zksredeemcpu.

ZKS and ZKSPLAY can be redeemed either at ZKS.ONE or you can send it directly to the account zksredeemcpu using your preferred wallet. Simply log into your wallet, send your ZKS or ZKSPLAY tokens to zksredeemcpu, and now you have accessed precious CPU power to utilize the EOS network for whatever you need to get done!

ZKS has enabled numerous EOS users to access CPU when the network is congested, allowing them to complete their transactions with ease. ZKS provides 1 EOS of CPU for 3 hours upon redemption, or alternatively you can redeem 8 ZKS for 1 EOS of CPU for 24 hours. If you want to send your ZKS to be used by a different account, simply write the name of the account to receive the resources in the memo field.

Keep up with our updates as we work toward making ZKS the most effective utility token possible for the EOS blockchain.

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