The First ZOS Token Airdrop Is Coming On January 30, 2019

Starting at 00:00 UTC, Wednesday, January 30, 2019 we are going to
do our first airdrop of ZOS!

ZOS is an electronic discount token system that serves as payment for all
of the services provided by AirDropsDAC. AirDropsDAC services include
full-service airdrops, smart contract and token design, analytics and marketing services. ZOS operates like a discount card for AirDropsDAC, providing significant discounts on airdrop services, giving a 50% discount
on AirDropsDAC services
in 2019, 25% discount in 2020 and
13% discount forever afterwards.

ZOS will be airdropped to every EOS account. Additionally, developers
can always buy ZOS when they need it through a smart contract that has been set up for this purpose. The smart contract only accepts EOS in multiples
of 1,000.

How to purchase ZOS from the Smart Contract:

Using your Wallet:

  1. Access you’re wallet’s Transfer function.
  2. Select EOS (eosio.token) as the token to transfer.
  3. Specify “eoszosdexzos” as the recipient of the transfer.
  4. Specify “purchase” as the memo (without quotes).
  5. Send the whole units of 1,000 EOS.
  6. You receive 1 ZOS for every 0.0006 EOS.
  7. Example: 1,000 EOS will return 1,666,666.6 ZOS.

Using the Portal:

  1. You can use the ZOS portal if you prefer.
  2. Log into the portal with Scatter and click the “purchase” button.
  3. The purchase memo is prefilled once the amount of EOS is filled.
  4. Click “Approve”.


  • If you are using Ledger, you will have to use Scatter or desktop along with it.
  • The small contract only accepts EOS in multiples of 1,000!
  • You can also use the link to get to our portal but it is not necessary to get your ZOS.

More information about ZOS, claiming and airdrops you can find on our socials channels and on our website, so follow us to stay update!

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