ZKS Airdrop to NewDex VIP Accounts!

Exclusive ZKS airdrop to all NewDex VIP accounts

ZKS tokens were recently airdropped to all the NewDex VIP accounts by AirDropsDAC team.

NewDex is the first EOS based decentralized exchange in the world. NDX
is the NewDex platform token. NewDex membership benefits can be obtained by staking NDX and these include transaction fee discounts, surprise exclusive airdrops and VIP identification.


2,000,000 ZKS were airdropped exclusively to NewDex VIP accounts using the following formula:

Newdex Member Exclusive Airdrop Volume = (Staked NDX / Total Staked NDX) * Total Airdrop Amount

ZKS: The CPU Token for the EOS Blockchain

ZKS tokens offer a simple and efficient solution for accessing CPU resources on the EOS blockchain.

ZKS tokens are redeemed for CPU resources on the EOS Mainnet through
a smart-contract. The process of getting CPU is clear and simple, so that users of EOS can quickly and easily accomplish any transactions they need to make on the mainnet.

The ZKS token is designed to be a very simple utility token for the users.
10 ZKS will provide 1 EOS worth of CPU for 3 hours and 100 ZKS will provide 1 EOS worth of CPU for 24 hours. There are no complex mechanisms
for issuance or redemption, simply go to AirDropsDAC Portal and log in with Scatter to redeem your ZKS, or redeem it through any wallet of your choice
by sending your ZKS to zksredeemCPU.

With ZKS, developers and users can be confident that they will have the CPU resources they need for whatever tasks they desire to complete on the EOS blockchain.

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