The guide to What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was once considered as a theory that could never be applicable in real life. Within a few decades, the theory turned into a concept and now every sector has an AI based mechanism. Whether it’s an automatic car or Apple’s SIRI technology, this technology has its application in every segment. AI has now become an integral part of our daily life.

Artificial Intelligence brings a technology that will make machines intelligent. These machines would be able to reason and make decisions just like humans do. They will be able to perceive, hear and recognize the data and thereafter will give solutions for a specific problem.

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Strong Vs. Weak AI

There are few tasks, which have only a specific requirement such machines running a facial recognition or a surgery performed by a robot or a chat running on a server. All these come under weak AI as their area is towards to limitations. The application has only one defined activity and thus intelligence will respond specifically.

Now, humans have the capability to build a stronger AI platform that will be able to multi-task. This is called strong AI. If this happens in near future, then the machines in no time shall out do the humans in every given task.

Applications of AI

Artificial Intelligence can be implemented in every sector whether it’s healthcare, IT, finance & banking, or managing our daily routine. When humans perform a given task, it faces human error but with the help of AI, our chances of reducing the error and achieving the accuracy are high. These machines can overcome the human limitations and work in the areas of mining or be exploring deep sea and oceans.

Talking about our daily routine, it’s either the SIRI from apple or a GPS from our smartphones; we rely on AI to a great extent. While clicking a picture our faces are read by the machines and get a tag on social media. Talking about the finance sectors, a lot of Fintech organizations depend on AI. Managing big data, finding patterns and performing data analysis is all machine dependent.

Fraud detection and implementing Anti-Money Laundering regulations is another area where AI finds its application. The machines are capable of performing analysis based on regular inputs. A lot of healthcare surgeries are robotic. Thus, Artificial Intelligence is moving from being a technology to becoming a necessity.

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