7 best attractions in San Antonio

If you wish to see clear expanse of star-studded sky, then you should head to San Antonio. A popular tourist destination, the city is home to famous historical sites, clubs, restaurants, glittering nightlife spots, cafes, vintage shops and streets that remain abuzz with locals and tourists. If you are planning to visit this vibrant city, glance through our list of 7 best attractions before you book cheap flights to San Antonio.

The Alamo — It is one of the most famous historical sites in San Antonio. In 1836, this site witnessed the famous Battle of the Alamo and today it is designated as a museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a U.S. National Historic Landmark. Confirm your cheap plane tickets and visit this place that reveals a lot about the glorious history of San Antonio.

SeaWorld San Antonio — With slogans such as ‘Real’ and ‘Amazing,’ this place is truly a fun and entertaining site to explore. This place is stocked up with thrilling rides like Roller coasters, Wave Breaker — The Rescue Coaster, Steel Eel, Journey to Atlantis etc. Apart from these, there are exhibits such as Dolphin Lagoon, Alligator Alley, Pacific Point Preserve, Penguin Encounter, Flamingo Pond and much more that entice travelers looking for some adventure.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas — This theme park offers abundant of attractions for visitors to enjoy. The park is separated into five themed zones i.e. Los Festivales, Crackaxle Canyon, Spassburg, Rockville, and Fiesta Bay Broadwalk. It is also famous for numerous in-park entertainment activities and annual events. The park’s most prominent highlight is ‘Scream’, a tower ride, visible from every corner of the park. Grab some cheap airline tickets to San Antonio and have a gala time.

San Antonio Zoo — With more than one million visitors annually, this zoo is home to over 3,500 animals from about 750 species such as mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles etc. Other features of the zoo include exhibits namely Africa Live, Amazonia, Gibbon Forest, Nature Spot, Rift Valley, Hixon Bird House, Cat Grotto etc.

San Antonio River Walk: This place is flanked with bars, restaurants, shops, public arts etc. where most people come down for a stroll, to enjoy a meal by watching the silent rivers, chirping birds or unwind under the shade of tall trees that tower over the banks.

Cathedral of San Fernando — One of the most notable and the oldest cathedrals in the United States, Cathedral of San Fernando is the main place of worship in the city. Get cheap San Antonio flights and explore a cathedral that is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Over 900 baptisms, numerous funerals, weddings and several other services are hosted here each year.

Morgan’s Wonderland — An amazing place that welcomes every age group, Morgan’s Wonderland is filled with attractions such as Wonderland Express train, Wheelchair Rides, the Whirling Wonder Ferris Wheel, Colored Gondolas, Horse Rides, etc. This place permits free admission to people with special needs. The theme park is decked with a variety of splash pads where visitors are seen enjoying themselves to the fullest.

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