8 Amenities That Will Make Your Short-term Rental Stand Out

Mar 13, 2019 · 4 min read

There is one simple secret to the short-term rental industry — surpass the expectations of your guests. In short, you want to make sure that you deliver the ideal experience for every guest, every time. Now one of the ingredients of the perfect holiday experience is to make sure that you offer the essential amenities. In addition to offering all the amenities that matter the most, your guests will be grateful to be greeted by special supplies too.

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This should come as no surprise. If you want to connect with your guests, make sure that they remain connected to their loved ones. Be sure to change your password after every guest and create a Wi-Fi network that only your guests will be able to access.

A swimming pool

The majority of guests specifically search for short-term rentals that boast a swimming pool.

By offering access to a swimming pool, your property will be viewed as more luxurious. If space is an issue, you can consider installing a hot tub instead (which is ideal if attracting couples to your short-term rental is your goal). Though, just be sure to include safety warnings next to the amenity as well as in your house rules.

Air conditioning and heating

Air conditioning is one of the most popular indoor improvements that you can make to your listing. The reverse is also true and a fireplace can make a great addition too.


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Free parking is especially popular amongst guests from the United States, Canada, and Australia. Ideally, your guests should be able to have a clear view of their vehicle so that they can rest assured knowing that it is out of harm’s way.


Sometimes your guests just want to be couch potatoes. Which better time than a holiday to indulge in this activity without feeling guilty? So, if you plan on including a television, be sure to include access to Netflix or the most popular cable channels, otherwise, it will not be of much use to your guests.

A washing machine and dryer

It might sound like a strange amenity to add to a vacation rental. Who would like to complete a chore like this when they can be messing about instead? Though, many guests prefer to travel light and find it rather convenient to be able to pop in a load before they travel to their next destination. In fact, some people prefer to wash their clothing on their last day before they return home. Also, keep in mind that some guests might not want to use a dryer (which is actually better for your electricity bill), so be sure to add a drying rack or washing line too.

If you really cannot find the space or money to offer these two amenities, your second best option is to provide directions to a laundromat that is close by.

An iron and ironing board

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Hosts often forget that clothes wrinkle in a suitcase. So, be sure to include an iron and ironing board as well as enough hangers so that the guests’ clothes will not wrinkle again.

A fully equipped kitchen

It can become quite expensive if your guests literally have to dine out morning, noon and night. In fact, many guests opt for a short-term rental as opposed to a hotel room for this very reason. Therefore, by including access to a kitchen with cookware and small appliances such as a coffee machine, your short-term rental will appeal to a much bigger audience.

A Few Final Thoughts

If you really want to impress your guests, be sure to include a couple of special items in addition to the basic supplies such as towels and linen.

For example, rainy days do happen. Even though we get urged to plan for these, who wants to pack in an umbrella when they are planning a beach holiday? Small details like this will mean more to your guests than you can quantify.

Some of these amenities might require an upfront investment, but by taking the plunge you will be able to increase your nightly rates. If this reason is not compelling enough, know that by offering these amenities and ensuring that they are in good working condition, you can dodge some of the major guests’ complaints and receive those raving reviews.

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