Deep Learning Is Going to Teach Us All the Lesson of Our Lives: Jobs Are for Machines
Scott Santens

The world is evolving. Think about how much has already evolved. People went from digging holes with there hands to digging holes with a shovel. People went from walking, to riding a horse, to riding a bike, to eventually driving cars and planes. The world is simply evolving. Technology is evolving. It going to take millions and thousands of jobs, but this cant just happen over night. It become more and more aware to the people who live on this planet. That’s the purpose of the technology growing. To expand, to EVOLVE. The world will need a basic income guarantee. But with the technology evolving the economy will to. And if we have machines thinking and doing all the things that we as humans used to do, then really what is the money for? Would we even need it? I think the economy is evolving, the technology is evolving, people are evolving. And in 2033, this will all be what is “normal” for those people. People who are 80 years old today cant even believe cell phones or computers. Its going to happen then to and for the rest of mankind. The world will never stop changing, people will never stop trying to change it. The government see’s these things coming and so will everyone else. But there will be plans in place to support the evolving economy and technology. People will grow and evolve with it. It’s all bound to happen.

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