Christmas vs. New Year airfares

Photo credit for Bill Wilt

A client of AirHint just sent us an interesting question about Southwest airfares during the holiday season. She is searching for Southwest flights for the dates around the New Year’s Eve and asked us

is it cheaper to fly on New Year’s Eve vs. Christmas?

In order to answer, the question we took a sample of a few thousands of airfares for nearly 3000 Southwest Airlines flights departing between 20 December 2018 and 4 January 2019.

The average one-way prices per day during the Christmas-New Year period are shown below.

20 Dec $204
21 Dec $238
22 Dec $229
23 Dec $215
24 Dec $178
25 Dec $183
26 Dec $227
27 Dec $232
28 Dec $213
29 Dec $211
30 Dec $211
31 Dec $199
1 Jan $191
2 Jan $195
3 Jan $173
4 Jan $163

It is clearly more expensive to fly during these dates compared to the rest of the year when the average price is $171. Also we found that:

  • The most expensive day to fly with Southwest is December 27.
  • The cheapest day to fly during Christmas is December 24.
  • New Year’s Eve/Day departures are cheaper than Christmas ones.

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