• Space Explorers- 50 NFTs
  • Space Ships- 15 NFTs
  • Upgrades- 195 NFTs
  • Space hubs- 15-20 NFTs

Crew Ready, Rank, Upgrades, Mission Completed

Space Explorer Genesis, Adventurer type

The mission

Mission One: The crew

  • Collect 2–3 characters and a space ship yourself
  • Get together with friends and create a crew together (more fun ;))

Mission two: Leveling Up

Mission Three: Space Diamond

Attributes and Completing your missions

Crew Ready:

  • The Crew Ready attribute will have 2 values Yes/No


  • The rank attribute will have 5 values None/Silver/Gold/Platinum/Diamond

Upgrade (attribute):

  • The upgrades attribute will have 4 values 0/1/2/3

Upgrades (NFT)

  • The Uses attribute will have 2 values 1/0
  • The Type attribute will have 2 values Explorer/Ship

Mission Completed

This is how a Crew Member will look like

Side Mission

If all crews are made out of 3 or 4 members 1-2 Explorers/Ships will not be able to complete the mission and reach Diamond level.

Closing Thoughts

Post launch notes:

  • Explorers: 10k XPR
  • Ships: 15k XPR
  • Upgrades: 2.5k to 4k XPR



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