Talk with AirNotes, the life-noting AI

2 min readMay 21, 2024


✍🏼 Chat to Note, Ask to Recall.

on Telegram: @airnotesbot

😫 3 Mysteries of Note-taking


  • Despite starting neatly, my notebook always ends up disorganized.
  • The current me always jot down notes that leave my future self puzzled.
  • I can never find the note when I need it.

We build a AirNotes to talk to our own notes and scratch our own itch.

AirNotes is an AI that eases the note-taking process. Chat to it and it will manage your notes neatly.

It supports:

  • 🎨human-like understanding: text, audio and picture input
  • 🧠Smart categorization: shopping list, house moving checklist, reading list, contact info, todos — everything will be smartly arranged when you note it down
  • 🔍Autofill data: generate what you require. Readable and analyzable

It could be used for:

  • 📇Contact Information
  • 📖Reading record
  • 📚Language study

New words → word table with meaning, sample sentence, part of speech, etc

  • 💰Money tracking

Speak to it: “I had a Big Mac, fries, and a Coke for lunch, cost $25 from credit card” → transaction tracking table

  • 🍽️Calorie record

Send food picture + “yesterday’s lunch, beef burrito” → calorie record table

  • Text once and record both:

Send “yesterday’s lunch, beef burrito, 18 dollars, record its calories”

Information will be organized into both “money tracking records” and “calorie records”

  • 🔍More categories are for you to customize!

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Where to use AirNotes?

Currently, AirNotes is supported on Telegram bot @airnotesbot.

Where to reach us?

AirNotes is currently on alpha testing. All suggestions and feedbacks are welcome. Our official website is:

If you have any suggestions or feedback, feel free to reach our developers!