How to build a Dreams List (or bucket list)

Why build a dream list?

Well, what is the purpose of life?

From my amateur experience within life thus far, I would say the purpose of life is to BE happy. And to create memorable experiences with the ones you love.

Can this include items that are free? Of course!

Can some of these items be incredible expensive? Absolutely!

Setting and achieving dreams and goals is all about the process. You must BECOME someone greater than your previous self in order to achieve the end result. Even if the end result (the dream or goal) is taken away or forgotten, the person you developed INTO as a result of the journey can never be removed.

How to get started:

Get into STATE.

You want to be in the right frame of mind. Play a song that amps you up. Read a quote that inspires power and abundance. Jump up and physically MOVE. DANCE.

Really, do I need to dance?! YES!

Motion creates emotion.

Imagine doing this exercise, creating the life of your dreams, while you are depressed in a dark, lonely basement covered in chip crumbs and tear soaked tissues? NO ONE WANTS TO LIVE THOSE DREAMS FROM THAT STATE!

Play the music. Even better, get around PEOPLE that are forward thinking and full of energy too!

It’s incredibly easy to create an abundant future when you feel energized and abundant in the moment.

Amped up? Good. You may continue reading.

(By the way, I currently have the instrumental of “Kick in the Door” blasting as I write this.)


There are many different way of approaching the actual list itself.

If you have some dreams in mind, write em down! Start with the first ones in mind.

Now, I will lay down some Rules. These are great rules by the way. They will help you create an AMAZING life as a result.

Rule 1: Be unreasonable!

Dream absolutely, ridiculously, phenomenally colossal!

There is no time limit. There is no money limit.

How do you think we achieved things like Billionaires? Or airplanes? Or the internet? These people were NOT thinking like the mainstream. Nor were they thinking small in any way, shape or form.

Think big because our greatest potential is developed as a result of pursing such a grandiose idea.

“The people crazy enough to think they can change the world, often do.”


I have conducted, or been a part of, numerous dream-building exercises and it seems no one person will give thought joggers in the same way. A thought jogger is a gentle prod to help you remember certain dreams that may have been hidden over the years. The other benefit of completing this exercise with a loved one or a group of people is you can STEAL THEIR DREAMS! For example, you write down ‘go on a trip to Australia’ and your friend remembers ‘oh! I always wanted to go to Australia too!’ Congrats, you just inspired someone to being aware of a dream they had forgotten about. Good for you.

Tony Robbins Approach: During a recent Tony Robbins event in Florida titled ‘Date With Destiny’ these are the 4 categories they used with a brief definition.


Not the be-all end-all. But there is A LOT of cool shit in the world. And if you are going to sip cocktails, why not out of the most beautiful crystal Coupe glassware? If you are going to live somewhere, why not have a 10 bedroom home where you can accommodate all of your friends during a dinner or family during the holidays? Plus, the more you earn by all of the value you’ve added to the marketplace, the more you can consume and continue to fuel the economy. Clothes, dream home in all of its detail, cars, watches, planes, boats, yachts, etc.


Imagine taking that trip to Australia. And flying out your entire family. All in first class. Or chartering a private jet. And staying ocean front at the Park Hyatt in Sydney with a view of the Opera house? Think trips, festivals, adventures, cruises, restaurants, vineyards, breweries, concerts, etc.


This is the treasure chest that you will leave behind. Assets. Portfolios. Properties. Where would you like to own homes? What kind of businesses would you like to own? Stocks or shares to hold? Gold bars? Silver? What kind of legacy will you leave behind?


How do you want to impact the world? Teaching a class? Building homes in a developing country? How about building a school? or 10? Or 100? Feed people during the holidays? How about 95 million people fed during the holidays? (see Basket Brigade, started by Tony Robbins) How would you like to make the world a better place then how you came into it?

Get as many as you can. I suggest aim for 100+! You’ll be surprised how many great dreams will surface once you start jotting. With that being said, some you write down you may not really want. And that’s okay. This leads to the next step.


Now go back to your list and write 1, 3, 5, 10, or 20 years next to each goal to indicate how long it will take you to achieve them. The bigger goals of hitting billionaire status may take a bit longer than hiring a personal chef.

Transform Dreams into Goals:

Jump back to your list and select the top four one-year goals. (Ideally, a one-year goal from each of the four categories.) On a new sheet, write the goal and all of the reasons why you will absolutely achieve this goal within the next 12 months.

Finally, write down what kind of person you need to become in order to achieve all that you desire.

Describe the values, beliefs, character traits, etc. this person would embody.


I love reminders. I especially love VISUAL reminders everyday. It can be as simple as writing each of the these goals on a scrap sheet of paper and taping it to your bathroom mirror so you see them each day. Or maybe you can make a poster-sized collage including all of the details and reasons why complete with picture cut from magazines. Whatever works best for you, do it!

Follow up.

Review these dreams often. Keep the huge list in a place you will not forget it. Tape it to the wall. Share these dreams will the people you work with and encounter. You never know when you will meet someone who has the potential to move you closer towards living a dream.

Last but certainly not least, enjoy the process.

Living and celebrating the accomplishment of a dream is euphoric. More importantly, enjoy the process as you move towards your dream each day. Some days will be tough. Other days will throw you off course. It is all a part of the process. Life is simply testing you to see if you REALLY want to live that dream.

I can’t wait to hear what kind of magic you create in life as a result.

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